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Euronav Tech Support Notes Library

  Note   Description  
  TN001 seaPro will not show my position or COG/SOG  
  TN002   Can’t get the differential light to show on the panel  
  TN003    Why does the differential light flash on and off?  
  TN004  seaPro - The tidal arrows or tidal curves are not showing or no tidal curve ports are available  
  TN005 My chart is covered in red lines.  
  TN006  The Magnetic Variation (Mag. Var.) work.  
  TN007    seaPro won’t start.  
  TN008  seaPro has detected a dongle but of the wrong type  
  TN009  After reloading seaPro, all of my charts disappear  
  TN010 Graphics look wrong, Blue screen  appears or the chart keeps lock up, when I try to zoom or pan  
  TN011 I can’t get the extended track line (X-line) or my vessel shape to display.  
  TN012  The chart keeps flicking back to my GPS boat position, when I zoom/pan.  
  TN013   ARCS charts when installing or updating ARCS charts, some previous charts are lost.  
  TN014 How do I delete a waypoint file?  
  TN017 GRIB Weather information  - How do I download GRIB weather files from the internet?  
    GPS position is not appearing or has appeared and no longer does or cannot see COG\SOG
Diagram of the NMEA183 to RS232 9 Pin D type serial port connector 
  TN019 My Charts have vanished!  
  TN020 My boat sails straight off the side of the chart  
  TN021 My Livecharts are almost black with text and detail.  
  TN022  When I zoom/pan, my chart keeps flicking to another chart.  
  TN023  How can I switch off the flashing lights?  
  TN024 seaPro won’t talk to my autopilot  
  TN025  I get an error message which says' Serial Port COM1 No 8250 present' .  
  TN026 I have purchased a new computer and it does not have a  parallel printer port what do I do about my dongle  
  TN027 When the program is started, I get a security message indicating a problem with the dongle  
  TN028 I get an error message which says' Serial Port COM1 General Fault' or Com Port already in Use' or similar message  
  TN029 Latest security drive installation :Installing seaPro/lite 3.2 on Windows 2000 French language version,   the installation may fail with a blue screen.   
  TN030 Re-Installing ARCS and other charts to a new computer etc.  
  TN031  seaPro gives a 'Com port in use' message (NMEA 183 input)  
  TN032 On some laptops computers, specifically  Toshiba ones, the dongle may not be seen by the software  
  TN033  Downloading/uploading  waypoints and routes to a GPS/ Garmin GPS  
  TN034 Upgrading/using with Windows XP - Updated Dongle security driver download  
  TN035 N/A  
  TN036  Windows XP - GPS NMEA 183 serial input seen as a mouse by operating system  
  TN037 Windows 98/95 Text to speech installation files CD 3.708  
  TN038    Corrupt or missing  ini  message when starting program  
  TN039 N/A  
  TN040 Procedure for resetting the dongle (required codes from tech support)  
  TN041 Backing up seaPro data  
  TM042 Can't see vessel position on the screen  
  TN043 Vessel shape not appearing or points in wrong direction (north)  
  TN044 My USB to serial converter is not working  
  TN045 Using Vista  
  TN046 My computer is crashing (blue screen) or freezing  
  TN047 'Side by Side' or 'Configuration settings incorrect' error - When trying to run seaPro or install charts the Operating system gives a 'Side by Side' error or similar  
  TN048 Dongle not lighting up or getting a dongle not present warning  
  TN049 Downloading UKHO Base and update for UKHO digital products such as ARCS, AVCS, etc  
  TN050 Windows 7 Installation - User Account Control (UAC) Run as Administrator  
  TN051 How to uninstall old security drivers drivers and/or install latest dongle driver (32 or 64 bit)  
  TN052 Installing Navionics charts and resetting Navionics security if charts are not seen  
  TN053 seaPro appears not to be saving settings such as serial ports or the choice of power or sail etc  
  TN054 Removal and clean install of seaPro  
  TN055 Uninstalling the Microsoft Visual C++ runtimes  
  TN056 AIS targets jump erratically or red lines are appearing across the display andare linked to AIS targets  
  TN057 Can I use seaPro on an Apple Mac?  
  TN058 When installing seaPro the error message 'Missing or corrupt ini file or similar appears'  
  TN059 Clean re-install of seaPro 3000 (any version lite, standard, sailing, plus etc)  
  TN060 How to reduce the acceleration of your computer graphics card  
  TN061 How to update your graphics card driver  
  TN062 How to unlock Livecharts and product feature  
  TN063 Upgrading to a different operating systemand installing new version of seaPro  
  TN064 Upgrading to a new version of seaPro  
  TN065 Switching off pop up warnings for GPS status or GPS indicator lights keep changing  
  TN066 Radar overlays - not matching the chart  
  TN067 How to download and install Livechart chart packs or install from DVD  
  TN068 Trouble shooting the seaPro Serial Port Auto scan  
  TN069 Autopilot not receiving NMEA data - On selecting Track mode on autopilkot get message 'No data' or similar.  
  TN070 Changes to the UKHO AVCS service  
  TN071 Windows 8.1 - Installing a correct dongle driver  
  TN072 Installing NZ Mariner charts (New Zealand)  
  TN073 Using the Admiralty Digital Catalog to order charts  
  TN074 How to do a 'clean' install of Total tide and other Admarility digital products (ADP)  
  TN075 Admirality Digital products (ADP) User Guides - How to install Total Tide, Digital Lights etc.(17)  
  TN076 seaPro runs slowly or has out of memory error when AIS is being used  
  TN077 seaPro gives an error when working with a route or waypoint file from 2020/01/01 onwards  


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