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I get an error message which says' Serial Port COM1 No 8250 present' .


No serial port is available - Most laptops are now produced without printer/serial ports.
You have selected seaPro to use another serial port other than the one  installed (this is usually Com port 1)
You have disabled the serial port or assigned it for another purpose such as infra red or
modem - the serial port might also be either disabled, missing or not working.


Check if you actually  have a serial port installed:
From the windows start button select control panel and then System. Select the
Device manager tab and then click on Ports - you should then see which serial 
ports are available, check properties to see if they are working.

You can also check using the Setup-> Serial port within seaPro - Press refresh

If your computer has a USB port (most modern ones do)
Purchase a serial adaptor (USB is NOT a conventional serial com port !)

This is the easiest and cheapest solution

Use your laptop computer docking station if this contains a serial port.

Alternatively you can use the TCP/IP input


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