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seaPro won’t talk to my autopilot. 

The connections between the PC and autopilot are faulty.
The Autopilot is configured incorrectly.
PC is configured incorrectly.
seaPro is configured incorrectly.


The connections between the PC and autopilot are faulty.
See TN001 for wire connection details.
Check that the cable is sound and has no breaks or corrosion.  A simple multi-meter or bulb test would prove this.
Check the wiring diagram for the autopilot.  Note,  The transmit (Tx) cable connects to the autopilot receive (Rx) cable\terminal.


The Autopilot is configured incorrectly.
Ensure that the autopilot is configured to receive NMEA 0183 sentences.  Most common sentences to autopilots include, APA, APB, XTE etc.
Check that the autopilot is configured to receive data at a baud rate of 4800 bits per second
Check the autopilot is set to Nav  (or similar) mode and not magnetic heading
Please refer to your autopilot manual for details

 PC is configured incorrectly.
The program automatically sets up the correct speed etc.  Provided your serial port is working correctly and not switched off (check BIOS) there is nothing to configure of your PC. If you are receiving data (GPS positions) this is  a good indication you serial port is working.

seaPro is configured incorrectly.
Select “serial ports” from the “setup” option in the seaPro main menu.
Select the serial  (com ) port you are using to communicate with your autopilot. This is often the same serial port as you are receiving the GPS signal on.
Click OK to accept these changes and re-start seaPro.
Select “Nav properties” from the “setup” option on the main menu in seaPro.
Select NMEA Tx.
Tick all of the sentences you wish to send to the autopilot.  A quick check in the autopilot user guide will tell you which ones it uses.  Try to avoid sending two types of the same information. EG. APA and APB as you can only send a limited amount of data over NMEA183 to the autopilot..



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