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#TN073 Using the Admiralty Digital Catalog to order charts

If you need to order AVCS or ARCS charts then the easiest way is to use the Admiralty Digital Catalog (ADC) to select the required cells/Charts, creat a basket and email it to


The Admiralty Digital Catalogue (ADC) allows you to easily select required AVCS (ENC) cells either by area or by inputting a route.

To download the ADC

Then select the link shown below

Install and start the ADC application

For S57 (AVCS) products select the AVCS option on the bottom tabs


1. Selecting  cells by area
You can select cells either by pre-set folios (easiest)  and the amount of detail required (more detail more expensive)



or by individual cells again you can select the level of detail to be shown

Create a basket of required cells and send to


2. Selecting cells by route:
Route menu -> Create  Route. Enter the required waypoints (left click  to add waypoints)
Save the Route  Route->Save

Select AVCS on the bottom bar.
Select ENC units - Tick all boxes.
Route-> Route to basket.

Then save the basket and email to


You can also mix the two methods to add port of refuge etc.


















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