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seaPro gives a 'Com port in use' message


Windows has rejected a request by seaPro  to use a serial communications port (NMEA0183)
The operating will only allow a serial com port to be used by one program at a time.


When you set up seaPro to use a serial port, seaPro (at start up) will request access to the 
serial communication port from the windows operating system. If windows has already allowed another 
program to use the requested serial port this request will be rejected and seaPro will display the
 'Coms port x is in use' message.

There are a number of ways a serial port may be found to be in use:

for example another program is actually using the serial  port. This may also be a program started by the BIOS of  the computer, setting up the serial port for
use as an infra red coms or other serial device.

Bluethooth devices can also take over serial ports inan uncontolled way

Check that you do not have a program starting up automatically at power on, check for internet connections (modems), and
mobile phone programs. Sometimes other programs behave badly , starting up and then not correctly releasing the serial port
when it closes, resulting in the serial port being locked out.

If you have found that you have more than one device trying to access the same serial coms port, you must
either disable one of the devices, or install an additional serial port.


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