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Price List

  Name Description £ Price (ex VAT) (Inc 20% VAT)

    New Purchase

    Installation media is not supplied with the software or charts, they are downloaded from the Euronav website on to the PC or on to a USB memory stick for later installation. If no internet access is available then the software can be supplied on a USB memory stick. Please call sales for the additional cost.

    seaPro Lite + Entry level charting and navigation system supports Livevcharts, S57 non-encypted and encypted (S 63 AVCS, Primar), BSB etc. 150.00
    seaPro Standard GPS, AIS, tidal route planning, boat instrument display. 300.00
    seaPro Performance Sailing Performance meters, polar diagrams, laylines, weather routing... 470.00
    seaPro Plus Extra logging, alarm zones and overlays.- Supports ARCS navigator service 800.00
    seaPro Plus Network - Three user network system 1600.00
      - each additional user 275.00
    seaPro Professional Advanced logging, alarm zones, overlays and fixed station input. 1795.00
      - Three user network system 2795.00
      - each additional user 300.00
    Specialist versions    
    seaPro Patrol Patrol and Fishing enforcement system... 1300.00
    seaPro Pilot Docking lines, rate of turn and multiple routes... 1200.00
    seaPro Fishing Logging and overlay for nets, lines, temperature, markers... 800.00
    Platform Protection Proximity and speed log and alarms for AIS and ARPA targets 1795.00
    Passenger Information System  
    PI3000 Passenger Information System 3000.00
    PI3000 Network 3 user networked PI3000 on the same network 3750.00
      - each additional user 275.00

    Note: To upgrade between products, for example: to upgrade from Lite to Standard, it's simply the difference in price.

    Updates (to latest version)
      Click on product and then scroll down the shop page  
    seaPro Lite   75.00
    seaPro Standard   125.00
    seaPro Performance Sailing   125.00
    seaPro Plus   350.00
    seaPro Professional   650.00
    seaPro Patrol   400.00
    seaPro Pilot   400.00
    seaPro Fishing   350.00
    Platform Protection   650.00
    PI3000 Passenger Information System 1500.00
    Performance Sailing Add Performance Sailing to seaPro Standard or Plus 170.00
    Tidal Curves Worldwide tidal curves for primary and secondard ports 75.00
      Note: Its now reccomended to use the Admarility Total Tides  
    Admiralty Digital Products (ADP) see shop for details
    ATT Admiralty Total Tide - Individual areas from: 76.50
    ATT world Admiralty Total Tide - All areas 535.50
    ADLL Admiralty Digital List of Lights - all areas available. From: 76.50
    ADLRS Admiralty Digital List of Radio Signals - all areas available. From: 76.50
    Dongle exchange From parallel to USB or replace a broken dongle, from: 90.00

    USB GPS High performance 48 channel GPS receiver & antenna connects to USB port GPS BU-353 S4/N5 (version depends on availability) 95.00

    AI3000 Professional dual channel AIS receiver No longer avilable use R220U
    R220U Dual channel AIS receiver. USB and Serial output 370.00
    T200B Class B AIS transponder 660.00
    GPS Antenna AG100 External GPS Antenna for CSB-200 75.00

    NMEA interfacing and cables
    NMEA-2-WiFi Transmits NMEA 0183 input via WiFi Price on shop
    Active NMEA cable Opto-isolated NMEA serial cable Price on shop


    Koden MDS-50R Koden RADARpc MDS-50R, 2kW, 24nm range from
    Koden MDS-51R Koden RADARpc MDS-51R, 4kW, 36nm range from

    Upgrade costs: A 50% RRP
    AVCS ( noted with a C) are supplied with options of 3,6,12 months of weekly updates

    Livechart - Super Packs
    MPNWEURO UK, North France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany A 200.00
    MPMEDADR Spain, South France, Italy, Greece, Adriatic, North Africa A 200.00
    MPCARIBN Caribbean Bahamas A 200.00
    MPSCANDV No longer available Please use S57 AVCS for Swedish coverage  

    Livechart - Multi Packs
    MPUKFRNA UK, Channel Isles, France A 150.00
    MPNLDE1A Netherlands, Belgium, Germany A 150.00
    MPFRNESA North and West France, Spain A 150.00
    MPESFR1A South France, Spain A 150.00
    M-EAFR00 East Africa, Middle East, Indian Ocean A 150.00
    M-IOSC00 East Indian Ocean, South China Sea A 150.00
    M-SATL00 South Atlantic, Southern Ocean to Kerguelen A 150.00
    M-MLCY00 Malta to Cyprus, North Africa A 100.00
    1AA0001A World Overview A 100.00

    Livechart - Country Packs
    ADRIAT_E Adriatic East, Croatia A 100.00
    AR00001A Argentina, South America A 100.00
    DE00001A Germany North Sea, Baltic A 100.00
    EE00001AX Estonia A 100.00
    ES00001A Spain A 100.00
    FI00001A Finland No longer available use AVCS or Primar  
    FR0000NA France North, West A 100.00
    FR0000SB France South A 100.00
    GR00001A Greece A 100.00
    ISL0001A Iceland A 100.00
    IT000700 Italy A 100.00
    LB000FRX Lebanon A 100.00
    MX0001AX *Mexico Please call for cost - Price is a guide C 690
    NL00001A Netherlands, Belgium A 100.00
    NO00002B Norway No longer available use AVCS or Primar  
    NZ00001A New Zealand A 100.00
    PL0001AX *Poland - Please call for current cost. See note above C 250.00
    PT00001A Portugal A 100.00
    SE00001A Sweden - No longer available. Please use S57 AVCS coverage  
    SINGMALX *Singapore and South Malacca Str. Please call for current cost C 120
    TR00001B Turkey A 100.00
    UK00001A UK, Channel Isles, EIRE A 100.00
    US00002B USA home waters A 100.00
    VE0001AX *Venezuela - Please call for current cost Price is a guide C 220
    AU10001A Australia A 150.00

    ARCS - Admiralty Raster Navigator Chart Service (with weekly updates)
    Navigator charts Single ARCS Navigator charts (for seaPro plus and above)   22.70
    CD Area folio Area folio contained on an area CD   1360.00
    CD Area folio Alll avilable ARCS charts   7440.00
    Navigator updates

    ARCS charts are provided with a 1 year licence with weekly updates which are available by download


    AVCS & Primar S57
    S57 / AVCS For competitive pricing and updates, please contact Sales as cost depends on required area. To select coverage please see here   Contact sales