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Windows 7,8,10 and above Installation - User Account Control (UAC) Run as Administrator

The Windows UAC now requires users (including Administrators) to confirm that a program can run with administrative privileges (such as the seaPro demo installation). If you get a warning about not having sufficient rights or similar then you need to:

1. Check you are running as an administrator
2. Right click on the program you are trying to run and then select 'Run as Administrator'.
3. The program will then start with full rights - continue as normal

Insall as Administrator

For further information please use the Microsoft tech support

Note: If you have antivirus or security programs (such as Norton) on your system they maybe monitoring your activity and require confirmation before allowing an installer/program to run, often these messages can be misleading or simply be hidden behind other windows.

seaPro download
The download seaPro3000Install.exe when run unpacks into two files and then automatically starts the Setup3000.exe installer. The above procedure will work on most systems, however on some Windows 7 systems you may need to run seaPro3000Install.exe and then separately start the setup300.exe using 'Run as Administrator'.

If you are still having problems with the Windows UAC, try disabling or lowering its sensitivity.

To alter the UAC control level in Windows
Sign in as administrator
Control Panel (from the Start button) , select User accounts,
On the Administrator account select Change User Account Control Settings, move the slider to the bottom.

You may want to return the UAC slider to its original position once installation is complete.


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