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Top 10 FAQ is an easy way to solve the most common problems with seaPro

Technical Notes

Techincal Notes can be found by selecting the relevant link from the menu on the left, or viewing the complete Technical Notes list.

  • Before You Start:
    1. Check your computer is up to date using Windows Update;
    2. Check your seaPro version, then;
    3. Check you have the latest seaPro update for your version;
    4. Follow the Quick Start Guide supplied with seaPro for an installation walk-through;
    5. Use the supplied seaPro Manual for help using seaPro.

  • Note:
    • The Tech Support sections cover seaPro and most hardware supplied by Euronav. We can help set up seaPro with third party hardware, but we may not be able to help with setting up hardware purchased elsewhere. This is due to the amount of different devices.
    • Please ensure terms such as 'Windows Explorer', 'Copy', 'Cut', 'Paste' are understood.

  • Contact:
    • You can also email
    • If you have tried all the other options, Tech Support can be contacted via the main Euronav number

  • Remote assistance:
    • If necessary Tech support may ask if they can access your computer remotely using a Remote Desktop application. A reasonable internet connection is required - More information here
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