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I can see my vessel position in the side panel, but the vessel shape and extended track lines do not appear.

seaPro/GPS has not been correctly setup  or the vessel is not moving !.


seaPro/GPS incorrectly setup.

SeaPro is receiving NMEA information about position, but no information about heading or speed

You need to set up your GPS/seaPro system to send the correct data.

There are two ways of receiving heading and speed from your GPS (COG and SOG to be correct) either in the VTG or RMC NMEA 183 sentences.

If using differential GPS  you will be probably using the GGA differential position sentence, this will conflict with the position status information
from the  RMC sentence and cause your GPS status light to flicker.
With GGA you must enable the VTG sentence on your GPS and disable RMC – see your GPS handbook.
Otherwise you can select
RMC or VTG. Set these on both the GPS and seaPro using the Settings Nav properties menu option (RX).

Note:If you are not sure what is set on the GPS you can do the following to find out the sentences being sent: 
Select “NMEA monitor window” from the “Window” option on the main menu.
Press the pause button, and note the three letters following $GP.  Eg. Rx com1 $GPRMC, relates to the “RMC” NMEA sentence.
Select “Setup” from the main menu, then “Nav properties”, and then “NMEA Rx”.
Tick the NMEA sentences that appeared in the NMEA monitor window.


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