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seaPro will not show vessel position or COG/SOG on the chart when the GPS is connected.


  1. GPS incorrectly setup.
  2. seaPro incorrectly setup.
  3. GPS incorrectly wired to the computer.

  GPS incorrectly setup.

  1. Find the interface or communications setup screen on your GPS.
  2. Ensure that the GPs is set to NMEA to NMEA. SeaPro uses NMEA 0183, recommended baud rate 4800.

  seaPro incorrectly setup.

  1. Select “NMEA monitor window” from the “Window” option on the main menu,
  2. Press the pause button, and note the three letters following $GP.  Eg. Rx com1 $GPRMC, relates to the “RMC” NMEA sentence.
  3. Select “Setup” from the main menu, then “Nav properties”, and then “NMEA Rx”.
  4. Tick the NMEA sentences that appeared in the NMEA monitor window.

  Digram of serial connector

GPS incorrectly wired to the computer.

  1. Check the GPS wiring Diagram, noting  the NMEA device is the GPS, and the NMEA Out (+ve) cable is the signal from the GPS to the computer.

  2. Check cable using the following Diagram.


Pin Number



Receive (Rx) Ie signal from GPS (+ve)


Transmit (Tx) Ie signal to GPS (+ve)


Common signal ground (-ve)




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