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#TN077 seaPro and PI3000 gives an error when working with a route or waypoint from 2020/01/01 onwards

From 2020/01/01 versions of seaPro and PI3000 earlier than 12.1961
will not show or work with certain database files. These include routes,
waypoints and some other database files.
Note: Charts, overlays and other data formats are not affected.

The problem has been traced to a 3rd party Windows database library
not recognizing dates beyond 2019. Earlier versions will start, but
certain functions will fail, such as routes and waypoints.

This applies to all versions of Windows.

How to fix
Check your current version via the Help menu and then About.
Then follow instructions below:

In the unlikly event that you have added waypoints to the default sample waypoint files such as Solent.wpt you may want to back these up first by making a copy of the c:\Euronav\seaPro3000\route folder (default path) , which can then be copied back once upgraded. This is done with seaPro closed using the the Windows File Explorer

For dongle versions 12 and above
Download and install the latest maintenance release 12.1961 or higher

For seaPro

or for PI3000

Once installed both new and old route data files will be usable.


For dongle versions 11 and earlier
Please purchase an update to the latest release of your product

Updates for version 11 dongles and earlier is via an unlock code and download.
No new hardware is required if using a green or red network USB dongle.














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