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"seaPro Lite is a thoroughly well designed and practical package which does all the chart work most of us will ever need"
Philip Corridan, Practical Boat Owner.
Simple, low cost and easy to use
New feature

Electronic chart plotting has never been more affordable or simpler than with seaPro Lite+. This easy-to-use system combines high quality charts with practical navigation functionality.

seaPro Lite+ is designed for those who wish to get to grips with PC based chart plotters without the initial expense of a fully featured system, or feel that the amount of sailing they do does not justify a more costly solution.

Choose from a full range of Livechart packs

seaPro lite+ in addition to Livecharts supports BSB/BSB4 raster charts and S57 (including S63 encoded versions AVCS/Primar etc))

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Key features
Simple set up - just connect your GPS to the serial port of your computer to see your vessels position on the chart.  
Uses high quality Livechart vector charts
Livecharts are mainly derived directly from S57 data provided from the Hydrographic offices - so no problems of manual digitization from paper charts..
seaPro lite+ support for muliple chart formats
including S57, both encrypted (AVCS, Primar, Australian HO) and unencrypted cells, raster formats such as BSB/BSB4. Seamless changes between the different formats - allow seaPro lite+ to automatically choose the best scaled..
Arrow Navionics chart option - with this 'add on' use your own Navionics charts (Gold and Platinum) - currently not available  
Flashing light sequences (on vector charts as available)
Chart zoom & panning tools - move around charts quickly and easily  
AIS - when connected to an AIS receiver or AIS transponder (class A or B) see information on other AIS equipped vessels (General AIS information).  
NAVTEX support for the dual frequency NAVTEX receiver gives free Marine weather forecasts and other information.  
Tidal Curves - view the tidal heights for most of the major and minor ports in the world (requires purchase of optional tidal database).
Route Planning and Monitoring - Position waypoints easily by clicking the mouse button or edit them manually for precise positioning. 'On Route' information includes bearing and distance to next waypoint. All routes can be saved and re-used as required
Autopilot Control - Once a route has been created, information can be sent to the NMEA0183 compatible autopilot allowing it to steer to each waypoint
Measure Tool - Measure distances and bearings quickly
Overlay - add your own marks, text, lines,areas for favorite fishing,anchoring or diving sites etc.  
Extended Track Line - Shows your boat's position at 30 and 60 minutes based on current speed and course
Dockable Toolbars - Place your toolbars where you need them, either on the chart or neatly stowed at the top or bottom of the screen.
Folio Mode - Charts may be selected manually or you can allow the system to choose the appropriate charts for you
Interfacing - Support for multiple serial ports or GPS/AIS data via a wired/wireless ethernet connection (TCP/IP).  

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Options -include    
Navtex Receiver AIS receivers  
AIS receivers    
seaPro lite can be upgraded to the full seaPro version if required