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Min system requirements
S57 charts
Operating system
Note 1
Windows /XP/Vista//Win 7,8.1 and Windows 10
Windows 10
Windows 7/10

I3 or I5 1.8 GHz
Note:Lower spec such as Atom/Celeron will work but slowly.

I3 or I5 1.8GHz or better
I5/I7 2.0GHz or better
RAM Note 2
4 GByte (512 MByes XP)
4 GByte or more  
4 GByte or more
Free Hard disk space
5 GByte - Amount depends on number of charts required and type
Solid State disk (SSD) drive reccomended
SSD drive
Serial ports
Note 3
1 x (or USB to serial converter)
USB port
1 x for security dongle
Graphics display
Note 4
1024x600 16bit colors
1024x758 or better
accelerated graphics card
Accelerated graphics chip either seperate of built into a modern processor.
Internet conection for downloads/updates (can use USB drive instead)
DVD drive is not normaly required unless taking ARCS/S57chart data on CD/DVD

Note 1:
Windows XP - This operating system is no longer supported by Microsoft, so continued operation can't be guaranteed.

Note 2: The minimum level depends on your operating system requirements. For example XP will work with 512 MBytes, Vista should have at least 1GByte. If your computer is suitable for the specified operating system then it should be fine with seaPro - More memory is better.
Most modern computer\laptops will meet the specifications for all of the above.

Note:3 Most laptops don't have a serial port,so add a USB/serial converter if GPS input required. Alternatively use TCP/IP input (via converter). Some equipment such as USB AIS unit have a driver that installs a virtual serial port.

Note 4: At 1024x 600 resolution (as used on Netbooks) the important dialogs will operate correctly, some advanced features may require slight scrolling.

*Whichever operating system is being used, its presumed that the latest service packs have been applied plus any other appropriate updates/patches (for XP this means SP3 and for Vista SP2).

Note 5: seaPro will work with both 32 and 64 bit Windows operating systems. A dual 32/64 bit dongle driver is supplied.

The above are recommended minimums especially with S57 and 3D, higher specifications will mean your PC will also work better with other/more applications and extend its useful life.

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