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Navionics Module

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Unfortunately Navionics charts are no longer supported, due to changes in the Navionics security system.

Navionics charts already installed will continue to work, but they can't be re-installed, updated etc.
Installed Navionics might no longer work with upgraded versions of seaPro or if seaPro is re-installed.


Ever wished you could use your Navionics charts with seaPro - now you can!

Due to issues with the Navionics installation severs, Windows 10 is only supported by running Windows 10 in 'Windows 7 compatibility' mode while installing.

Most Navionics cartridges will work, however due to the inconsistency of data formats by Navionics it can't be guaranteed as its outside Euronav control.

June 2020
Navionics have modified their online copy protection system and new or updated cards may not install.
If you experience a problem please email quoting error 301 who will then be able to help you manually install.

If you are purchasing the module then please be aware of these limitations of the Navionics system.

The Navionics module extends the use of your seaPro system into the world of Navionics charts. With support for both the cost efficient 'Gold' charts and the extra feature of satellite overlays of the 'Platinum' range.

If you use a dedicated Navionics based chart plotter on deck you now have a single set of charts to work on seaPro as well.

Use your Navionics charts anywhere not just on the boat, ideal for passage planning at home (or anywhere for that matter). *

The Navionics module uses a normal card reader that will take your Navionics cartridges (SD or CF format),

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Key features
Uses Navionics Gold or Platinum charts - the premium chart choice for dedicated chart plotters.
Uses a standard card reader (not supplied)
Easy to use and install
Seamlessly integrates your Navionics charts with other charts installed on your system such as Livecharts - no need to choose one or the other.
No need to re-insert Navionics cartridge once installed
Use multiple Navionics cartridges at the same time
Use you Navionics cartridges on other equipment on board at same time*
  cart Order on line via the Worldnav shop Order on line

Supports Navionics Satellite/ground images (Platinum charts)
Have access to one of the largest digital chart catalogues available
Navionics charts are available directly from Euronav or worldwide at most good Chandlers

1.An internet connection is required when you install a cartridge on a computer for the first time, after that no connection is required.

2. Older Navionics cartridges (pre 2011) may need updating to be compatible. If the cartridge has a file called nTag.txt on it should be compatible (its a hidden file).

The module will also work with the special Navionics blue cartridge reader which doesn't need an internet connection (no longer available) and will work with older cartridges.

The Navionics module works with seaPro lite, lite+, standard, sailing, plus, Pro etc. The current/latest version of seaPro is required to run the Navionics module (see latest release version here)