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seaPro Platform Protection Sytem (based on seaPro Professional), provides a powerful system to alert and track vessels based on factors such as distance, speed and MMSI number using AIS and ARPA RADAR tracking.
Platform Protection
Image showing a typical fixed station with 0.40nm alarm zone (shown as red circle)
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Improved Safety

  • 'At a glance' situation awareness
  • Overlay AIS targets on charts
  • Customisable alarm zones
  • Electronic chart display
  • Weather overlays
  • Own station input
  • MOB and PLB Integration

Increased operational efficiency

  • Easy to use system interface
  • Runs unattended
  • AIS filter lists for known vessels
  • Quick alarm zone input
  • Automatic logging of incoming data
  • Automatic data logging of AIS and RADAR targets
  • Visual and audible alarms

Flexible Alarm Zone setup

The easy to use alarm set up feature allows alarms zones to be created as circles or polygons. Conditions under which the alarms will sound (including filter lists) are also customizable for targets entering, leaving or crossing an alarm zone.

Edit Circle
Edit Circle

AIS Vessel Filtering

Each alarm zone can have a filter list set up so the alarm is either triggered by those in the filter list or those not in the filter list. This prevents alarms being falsely triggered by authorised vessels.

AIS & ARPA Target Logging and Playback

Incoming data is recorded for information or viewing at a
later date. Log files can be replayed with on screen animation at any time to give an accurate representation of events.

Edit Circle
Edit Circle

Overlaid on Charts

Nautical charts can be loaded into the system to allow the
targets and location of the rig to be shown geographically.

Automated Running

Once set up, seaPro runs unattended allowing the crew to focus on other tasks knowing that the system is watching out for them.

Quick view of Alarm Parameters

The alarm zone tool allows the user to quickly check the
alarm zone parameters. The user can also switch alarm
zones on and off if required.