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GRIB weather files

GRIB data can be accessed from several Web sites. Some are free access, some charge.

The sites that charge usually have more data types available wind, pressure, wave height, temperature etc.

Note: following web site URL's may change!

    Supplier Coverage Free Premium
    Predict wind World wide ? Optional Some GRIB data free of charge

    Norwegian Meteo Institute

    World wide Yes   In Norwegian and English + general weather
    Features very detailed GRIB data for some areas.
    Meto France -French weather service  World wide No Yes One of the original suppliers. Web site is in French
    Météconsult   No Yes Wind only - Chargeable data, but flexible coverage - other none GRIB data on site - follow marine link World wide No ? Yes Commercial site
    Tidetech World wide No ? Yes Large coverage and well respected data, used by profesional racing yachts and commercial applications
    Non Grib weather sources

    Euronav Ltd is not in anyway recommending or supplying any of the above services. Using any of the services is at your own risk and cost. 

    Please remember a forecast is just one possible prediction of the future weather pattern. Longer range  forecasts will be considerably less reliable than short range forecasts. Some of the data is fairly 'broad stroke' and will not take into account local conditions.

    Which one is best ?
    This all depends if you wish to pay, the cost of your communications, and the amount of detail and data types you need.

    Free data:
    seaPro Weather routing - for this you only need wind information, for worldwide coverage  try  Global Marine Networks (compressed files - shorter download))

    Purchased data
    GRIB data from  Meto France or the Norwegian weather service (Europe only) offer a more comprehensive service including  sea temperatures, wave heights, currents, smaller cells sizes etc.
    These data sets tend to cover the needs of commercial applications such as fishing.

    To use the data you should:- 
    Download the GRIB data from a weather site (above web sites)
    Download the file to your seaPro grib file folder (typically C:\program files\euronav\seaPro2000\grib)

    If the GRIB file has been zipped you will need to unzip it. - download a copy of the WinZip utility from any number of sites  (this is usually shareware)
    If bz2 , seaPro will automatically decompress the files for you

    To use the file, open seaPro (if not already running), select "weather" and the "weather (GRIB) from the menu.This will then allow you to pick the GRIB file you wish to view.