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Navtex USB dual frequency (requires seaPro 3000 series software)

Rather than purchase and expensive dedicated Navtex display, you can simply purchase the low cost Navtex USB antenna and display the weather and safety information directly within seaPro.

The Navtex option consists of a Navtex antenna and a small interface box. This connects to the PC via a USB cable.

The Navtex option not only does away with the paper output, but actual displays the data in the appropriate geographical location on your digital charts - you can then click on a graphical Icon to get the information displayed within the Naxtex window (see image at the bottom of the screen).
  navtex black box
Key features

Dual frequency receive on 512KHz or the 490KHz for local information

Built in memory - Does not need PC to be left connected to receive Navtex messages
Compact antenna and interface box and USB connection to the PC
  Following are features of the seaPro software:
Rx indicator – this indicator will be illuminated when the Navtex dialog is receiving data
·Emergency indicator – this will be illuminated when an Emergency message has been received
Clear button – press this to clear the emergency indicator
Message window Navtex message text will appear in this window. Below this are two windows which display the time and date of the message and the station which transmitted it
·Next/ Previous buttons – use these buttons to scroll between the Navtex messages
Clear all messages – use this button to remove all messages
Zoom chart to area – when a Navtex message contains position information, pressing this button will zoom the chart to show the area referred to in the message
Message enquiry – this function allows you to find the message text associated with a particular Navtex symbol on the chart. After pressing the Message Enquiry button the cursor will appear as a crosshair. Position the cursor over the Navtex symbol on the chart and press the left mouse button – the Navtex message window will display the text for the appropriate message
Close – this will hide the Navtex dialog, although it will continue to receive and decode messages
The system works by receiving the free to air Navtex transmissions via the supplied antenna, which are then decoded and stored in the Navtex 2 PC interace box. The information is then read by the seaPro software via the serial port connection. seaPro will then interpret the incoming signal and present all the information in a window on your PC and where appropriate on the chart display.

The system accepts Navtex information broadcast on 518Khz and allows the user to select the type of message to be viewed, either navigation or weather information.

The additional 'local' Navtex information can also be received by switching to 490KHz.

The messages can be scrolled and viewed, shown on the chart as a symbol and if required automatically deleted after a specified period.

The seaPro Navtex system is provided with a worldwide database of areas and stations. New stations can be easily added by using the ‘Add’ control within the Navtex window.

Techincal specifications
  • 518 and 490kHz message reception.
  • 12 volt supply with very low 27mA current consumption.
  • Connects to Nasa Navtexstandard antenna (supplied).
  • Supply voltage 10 to 16 volts DC.
  • Dimensions 115 x 100 x 30mm.
  • Antenna length 195mm ( and supplied 7 metre cable)
  • USB connection to PC
Will it work on my PC/laptop ?

The Navtex option works with all seaPro 3000 series navigational products including seaPro Lite and seaPro free.
You will need an additional serial port. If your computer does not have a spare serial port, then you can utilise a USB port (you will need to fit a USB to serial converter).

This may also be useful if you need an additional serial port, for example to connect to a radar. Check our
price list for single and dual channel USB converters.


Navtex area control – this sets the area for which messages will be displayed.
Navtex stations control – by setting or clearing the individual stations it is possible to filter the displayed messages.
Show all messages – when this control is set, all messages will be displayed regardless of the Navtex Area and Station controls.
Show messages as they Arrive – when this is set the Navtex message window will automatically update to show the latest message.
Weather – check this control to show weather information messages.
Navigation – check this control to show navigational information messages.
Showm message data on the chart – when this is set, a symbol will be displayed on the chart at the locations given in Navtex messages.
Discard messages - generally each Navtex message will be cancelled by a subsequent message. Sometimes however the canceling message might not be received. By setting this control to, say, 48 hours ensure that old, out-of-date messages do not remain in the system.