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Total navigation for the professional mariner

seaPro Pilot provides a powerful yet easy to use 'carry on-board' solution for ship Pilots, who want their own independent navigation and information system, removing the reliance on the the ships own ECDIS/Navigation system.

The pilot system interfaces to the ships data using the pilot plug on the ships AIS transponder, giving instant access to ships Position, Heading, COG/SOG/Rate of Turn and AIS targets.

seaPro Pilot supports S57 cells (both encoded and non encoded) as well as other formats such as ARCS (skipper and Navigator services), BSB/BSB4 etc.

Key Features  
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Improved safety
Real-time navigation
At a glance’ situation awareness
Overlay of AIS targets on charts
Automatic “look ahead’ view for maximum clarity
Weather overlays
Built in AIS fault diagnostics
Man Over Board marker
Supports S57 data and ARCS charts ( weekly update option) as well as Livechart and BSB
Electronic chart corrections via disk or internet
The Pilot system can be supplied as a software only solution or complete with ruggerdised laptop and wireless Pilot plug connector (including a built in backup GPS ). The packaged solution is light and easy to carry onboard and can be set up within minutes.
In addition to reducing the learning curve when boarding a vessel, the Pilot can be confident that the latest S57 charts and port data is available on their own system self contained system.

Pilot Interface
The pilot interface allows easy and fast setup of the system, such as getting vessel data from the AIS transponder

Route Planning
seaPro Pilot contains advanced route planning facilities that enables tidal and magnetic variation to be automatically calculated in passage plans.

Schedule information including ETA and time-to-go are provided in addition to a print formatted passage plan.

Route and waypoint information can also be sent to an Autopilot, GPS and ARPA radar.

Integrated Weather Information
Weather data from various official Meteorological Offices can be delivered via email and animated within seaPro to show up to 5 day weather forecasts. Information that can be displayed includes pressure, wind speed, wind direction and wave heights.


Increased Operational Efficiency
Easy to use system interface
Practical route planning tools enable passage
plans to be calculated quickly or checked
Graphical playback of recorded data
Tidal arrow display
Communicate passage plans, logs, weather
data and chart updates electronically
Real Time Navigation
seaPro Pilot automatically provides the navigator with real-time position of the vessel and other important information for situation awareness, including:
ARPA target position and vector information
Repeated data from other sensors including Log and Gyro
Projected position from Heading or Course Over Ground
Vessel Track
Scaled vessel outline
Look Ahead View

Chart Formats
seaPro is a ‘multi-fuel’ platform that supports both Raster and Vector chart formats to provide the best choice of charts world-wide.

Vector chart formats
S57 ENCs - Official Hydrographic Office charts. AVCS and Primar.

These represent the ultimate in digital charts coming directly from the official source of information. Available with weekly NTM update contracts.

Livecharts - Euronav’s vector charts
High quality vector charts.

Raster chart formats
ARCS - British Admiralty charts offering worldwide coverage. Weekly update service available.

Seafarer - Australian Hydrographic Office charts covering Australasian waters.

NZ Mariner - New Zealand Charting Authority charts covering New Zealand waters.

BSB - National Oceanographic & Aeronautical Administration charts covering US waters.

Chart corrections
Chart update services as frequently as once per week are available depending on chart format and type.

A cheaper and more efficient way to display Navtex information. Simply purchase a low cost Navtex antenna, then weather and safety information can be directly received and displayed in seaPro.


seaPro can network to other computers for multiple navigation stations and can also be used as an information repeater for example in the masters or officers cabin or for the Euronav PI3000 Passenger Information System.
World wide tidal heights database
Adds a world wide database for most of the worlds primary and secondary ports
  AIS Automatic Identification System
Interface to an AIS transponder to allow the positions of other vesels to be plotted on the chart