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Automatic Identification Systems
Note: The AIS interface is now standard in all versions of seaPro (features may vary)

A new IMO requirement requires most commercial vessels to carry an AIS transponder to transmit the vessel position, ID and other details.

seaPro offers software to visualize received AIS information on the chart, so that information from other AIS equipped vessels is displayed on the chart much like radar targets - adding an extra level of confidence to navigation and collision avoidance.
Ideal as a standalone system for vessels fitted with ECDIS systems that want visual AIS information without compromising ECDIS approval status.

Note: The AIS (software) receive only functions are now included in seaPro standard or above.

Key features  
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Interfaces with standard AIS transponders
Easy to use toolbar
Displays targets for a user specified time
Target tracks with wake trail
Simple enquiry feature
User defined levels of display
Data logging of AIS targets
Show with ARPA targets (seaPro plus and above)
Standard target shapes or graphical icons
Replay of recorded AIS log
Filter the display of vessels based on MMSI number
Calculation of CPA/TCA for targets
Alarm on CPA/TCPA and leaving area (anchor) alarms for targets
Add own user comments such as radar ID to target display

AIS was originally designed to fulfil a need for vessels to know the location and navigational parameters of other vessels for collision avoidance.

The transponder itself only comes with a small display which typically gives numeric details of other vessels identification, position, course and heading.

seaPro AIS enables this data to be shown visually at a low cost.

AIS is now finding additional uses in security and commercial applications.

The minimum display requirements for AIS do very little to improve the safety of vessels from the bridge officers perspective. AIS becomes a lot more beneficial in helping to prevent collision when the targets are plotted on an electronic charting system such as seaPro.

For smaller vessels, the AIS module in conjunction with a lower AIS receive only unit (such as the AI3000), gives the smaller vessel vital information about the movement of larger vessels.

Besides the navigational benefits, seaPro and AIS can be used to show positions of passenger vessels, in harbor/Traffic control, cargo location etc. On the seaPro plus version the AIS information get be sent across the internet to different viewing stations or for combining the data from multiple receivers.

AIS receive only functions are standard in seaPro standard and above. Support for transmitting functions is available as an option.

Set up vessel voyage information via a simple user interface(Class A transponders).
Supports sending and receiving of messages
Closest point of approach (CPA) and time to CPA display for selected targets. Includes ability to set CPA minimum distance from vessel.
seaPro 'Transmit' module - interfaces to a standard AIS transponder
Land based net workable based station software.
AIS receiver AI3000

AIS Transponder