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Top 10 frequently asked questions






1. Compare with other seaPro products

The seaPro allows you to start with a system that is just right for you now, but can be upgraded to the next version just for the difference in cost.. Take a look at the quick comparison chart to choose the product thats right for your type of vessel

2. Will seaPro work on my PC?

seaPro will work on most PC’s or Laptop computers running XP or Windows 2000. Support for Windows 95/98/98SE and NT4 is no longer available as these operating system are no longer available or supported by Microsoft . Use of Windows ME is not reccomended due to its reliability as an operating system.

3. Will seaPro connect to my GPS?

Yes. Most GPS sets apart from a few handheld units with no interface, will provide an output which you can connect to your computer via the serial port or USB port (this requires a USB to serial converter). The interface is a marine standard called NMEA 0183. If in doubt check your GPS handbook or talk to your GPS supplier.

4. Can I upgrade if I need more features later?.

Yes. Any seaPro version can be upgraded to a package with more features. You simply pay the difference in the price between the two packages. This can be done remotely by unlock codes.

5. What charts does seaPro use?

seaPro is a ‘multi-fuel’ charting system that utilises both vector and raster chart formats to provide you with the best choice of quality charts wherever you are in the world. Simply select the charts that suits your geographic location and format preferance.

Charts supported by Euronav offer quality, detail, accuracy and coverage in standard formats that are regularly updated.

Vector chart formats

Livecharts are quality vectored charts that faithfully reproduce the colour, accuracy and detail of standard hydrographic office paper charts in a vectored and layered format offering total flexibility not possible with paper charts. Seamless chart selection and the ability to automatically select detail relevant to zoom level or as defined by the user.
A complete Livechart catalogue is available within seaPro and on the seaPro demo CD.

S57 is digital data produced by hydrographic offices and other official sources of chart data. This chart format will eventually replace paper charts but currently has limited availability.
Raster chart formats
ARCS - British Admiralty Raster Charts
ARCS are official raster charts produced by the British Admiralty which offer world-wide coverage. An ARCS catalogue is provided within seaPro and on the seaPro demo CD.

Seafarer - Australian Hydrographic Office Charts
Seafarer are official raster charts produced by the Australian Hydrographic Office which cover Australasian waters.
NZ Mariner - New Zealand Hydrographic Office Charts
NZ Mariner are official raster charts produced by the New Zealand Charting Authority which cover New Zealand waters.

BSB charts are raster charts scanned charts

6. How do I add more charts?
When you purchase seaPro you also get the world-wide set of Livecharts on your CD. Charts can simply be unlocked from this CD - order the chart you need and we provide an unlock code so you can install it immediately from the CD, no waiting for something to be posted to you.

7. How do I update my charts?
Essentially we need to send you a new CD with the latest charts. The updates can be done with unlock codes from the new CD.

8. What is the chart coverage within seaPro?

We offer world-wide coverage using various chart formats. See the chart section for more details on formats and coverage.

9. What is better about seaPro than the competition?

We have thousands of customers who have been using our products since the early 1980’s. They tell us the main reason they chose our products were ;

1. It is easy to use
2. Charts are paper chart quality
3. It has practical navigational functionality
4. They get good support

Don’t take our word for it download a demo right now and try it for yourself!

10. Is a laptop suitable for my boat?

Generally yes. Most of this is common sense, if you have a wet boat then you may need to consider a special PC, but on most yachts and powerboats a chart table location is perfect for a laptop or PC. You could add a waterproof keyboard and mouse and just use a standard PC or laptop. For powerboats you will need to consider any pounding that may cause hard disk problems, so a bit of anti-vibration mounting will help here. If in doubt always talk to a marine engineer or your equipment supplier for advice.
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