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Livecharts - High Quality Vector Charts

Livecharts are Euronav's digital vector charts.

Quality vector charts that faithfully reproduce the color, accuracy and detail of standard hydrographic office paper charts in a vectored and layered format offering total flexibility not possible with paper charts. Seamless chart selection and the ability to automatically select detail relevant to zoom level or as defined by the user.

Advantages of Livecharts:

  • Clear charts with no loss of quality when zooming in.
  • Set shallow or danger contours at user defined depth, for your vessel.
  • Inquire on any marks, areas, navigation aids to find you infrormation you need.
  • Low cost on new purchases and updates.
  • Accurate charting - Livechart data is S57 derrived.
  • Wide coverage.
  • No time out, they run forever.
  • Hide the information you dont want.
  • Livecharts work will all versions of seaPro and the Euronav charting kit


Livecharts can be purchased from the online store, one of our dealers or by phone/email.

Sample screenshot:

ATT Coverage
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