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  PC Radar interface (seaPro standard/plus/pro)  

now brings the advantage of a fully integrated radar right into the heart of your PC navigation system - Easy to use with its familiar radar controls, the ability to overlay the radar on your charts brings a new level of convenience and ability to your navigation tools

The system uses a radar produced by one of the big names in marine radar, Koden - so you know you will be using a radar that will have the quality and backing you need.

The radar can be supplied with, various sizes of antenna, both open and closed (radome), catering for both the smallest and largest of vessels. A small interface box connects the radar to your PC via an ethernet cable.

  radar pc  

Fully integrated with space saving- all the radar controls are available from within seaPro, no extra controls or displays are required.

Overlays radar data on to charts - easily relate radar objects to marks, land, AIS targets etc. The, overlay uses advanced image processing with 'alpha blending' to keep the chart features clear under the radar image.
Dual range radar - view two radar ranges at the same time - monitor close in traffic and still see distant targets, coastlines etc.
Dedicated radar screen option - With a second screen connected to your pc/laptop, the radar display can be paced on the second monitor.
Auto-cycle - when used with a single monitor the chart and radar windows can be alternately displayed - great for hands free viewing while at the helm.
Koden radar - one of the big names in marine radar with world wide support available  
Look ahead feature, makes maximum use of the radar screen to see where you are going
Easy installation - Radar scanner, small interface box, power, and ethernet cable to PC
Software included in seapro standard and above - nothing extra to install.
Manual target tracking - easily calculate which targets may present a risk
Easy user controls - Uses sliders for ease of use, with auto options(all or individually) that give excellent result on their own

Support for all the normal radar settings
Including range 1 and range 2, Clutter - sea and rain, gain, tuning, pulse width, scanner rotation speed, Standby mode

Docking control panel - radar control window can be docked in the panel for easy access.
  Koden scanner 24" Control box  
Radar controls