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Low-cost Automatic Identification System (AIS) class B transponder
Suitable for leisure and for professional use when a type 'A' transponder is not required

CSB200 is a low cost, high performance class B AIS transponder (Transmit and receive) unit, that enables the reception of AIS information as well as transmitting own vessel position and other information to other AIS equipped vessels.

The CSB200 installation is quick and simple, requiring only the connection to a 12v DC supply, VHF* and GPS* antenna.. Once connected to a computer running seaPro or other compatible viewer program you can display other AIS equipped vessels within VHF range. Information transmitted from vessels fitted with class A AIS Transponders include name, call sign, position, heading, speed, destination, type and size of vessel.

Note: The CSB200 is compatible with any chart/ECDIS system capable of accepting standard NMEA 183 AIS sentences, such as seaPro standard or above.

* Not included

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  Why use the CSB200
AIS receivers such as the AI3000 allowed you to see other vessels but now with the CSB200 they can see you - adding a whole new dimension to safety at sea for smaller vessels.

For commercial users the CSB200 is ideal as a low cost way of tracking tenders, port vessels etc that don't need to be equipped with a full AIS Class A transponder.

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Key features    
Low-cost anti-collision / monitoring system
Receives positions and other data from AIS equipped vessels within VHF range
Transmits own vessel's details including position, vessel name, MMSI number, Type of vessel, Vessel dimensions, Speed (SOG), Course over ground (COG), Heading (external sensor required/ from seaPro)
Optional PC viewer program with backdrop chart.
Built in GPS (requires external GPS antenna)
Compatible with the seaPro professional and leisure range of software, for full charting, navigation and AIS capability.
Industry compatability standard NMEA 183/IEC61162-2 output format for compatibility
Supports all AIS sentences - both class A and B received messages.
Simple connection and setup

Information that can be received includes:

  • Name of vessel
  • Call sign
  • Type of vessel
  • Destination
  • Speed (SOG)
  • Course (COG)
  • Heading
  • Position
  • Navigational status
  • Rate of turn
  • Vessel dimensions
  • MMSI number
  • Aids to Navigation (AtoN)
  • Broadcast Messages
Information that can be transmitted
  • Name of vessel
  • Call sign
  • Type of vessel
  • Speed (SOG)
  • Course (COG)
  • Heading (external sensor required)
  • Position
  • Vessel dimensions
  • MMSI number

Improved safety & collision avoidance

One of the great dangers to vessels at sea is not knowing the position, details or intentions of other vessels. New regulations for commercial craft to fit AIS transponders will be a significant step forward.

AIS enables vessels fitted with an AIS transponder or receiver to be aware of each other and display their position and other details. When combined with a chart system the intentions of larger vessels required to fit AIS transponders is clear enabling smaller craft to alter their intended track well in advance so as to avoid potential conflict, especially in confined waters.


Typical uses include

Collision avoidance - monitor approaching AIS equipped vessels, including those hidden from radar or visual view. Combine with the optional seaPro navigation products to give advanced warning of potential collisions, CPA etc.

Improved safety by letting other vessels know your position and navigation information(COG/SOG/etc)
Small port/harbour monitoring and tracking of vessels, where a full AIS transponder is not cost justified
Extend monitoring range for larger harbours and ports where multiple systems can be linked via a network or internet.
Technical Description
The CSB200 is a low cost AIS Class “B” Transponder designed specifically for the small Commercial Boat, Fishing Boat and Leisure Markets. It meets the new Class “B” Standard that allows vessels that are not required to fit Class “A” units to voluntarily fit an AIS (Automatic Identification System) transponder.

Power supply: 12 Volts DC
Current average: 6W
Current continuous: 0.5A

Receivers x 2 ( one time shared between AIS/DSC)
156.025 - 162.025MHz
Channel spacing: 25KHz
Sensitivity: -107dBm
Message Error Rate: 20%
Adjacent Channel: 70dB
Blocking: 84dB

Output Power: 1-3W
Modulation: GMSK

Electrical Interface:
RS232 - 115.2/38.4
NMEA - 38.4 bi-directional

VHF Antenna: BNC
GPS Antenna: TNC with 5v output for active antenna
I/O Connector: 9Pin Serial
Power: 2 Pin

Length: 165mm, Width: 120mm, Height: 50mm Weight: 600g
Mounting: Trunnion bracket

Designed to meet:
Draft Class B Standard
Digital Interfaces
CE EN-60945: EN 6100-6-1/2
FCC part 15

PC viewer program


Download CSB200 manual

Download certification document


Euronav seaPro navigational software with AIS

Active GPS antenna
AIS Antenna splitter