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  Why upgrade to seaPro 3000?

Building on the phenomenal success of previous versions seaPro 3000 standard has updated, improved and added some great new features including the following:

Note: This is only a guideand is not a full list, please run the demo to check the full set of features and view the change history

To seaPro 3000 9.x
Adds support to run under normal Windows 8 ( not RT version)
Support for cross date line viewing using multiple charts
Added support for latest S57 and S52 display changes
Added sSupport for S57 inland waterways
Navionics -added support for installation using a stardard USB card reader (required navionics ooption)
Simplified chart controls
Added 'single click' number of Person on Board to touch bar
Quicker cell chart drawing

Plus/pilot.Proferssional versions
DXF Import
Pilot predicted vessel positions, improved docking lines

To seaPro 3000 version 8.x
Support for touch screens and tablets including gestures. (Requires Windows 7)
New 'grab and pan' cursor for scrolling the chart
'Chart view Repeater' option for use on suitable mobile device, such as a Smartphone Android, iPhone, tablet etc., that has a suitable browser.
Note: A Local Area Network connection (such as a WiFi) is required to the PC. Client software not supplied.
Magnifying glass

Added improved AIS log export
Added  AIS log import, csv and raw NMEA  and NMEA date formats

To seaPro 3000 version 7.x new features include
 - Dynamic route plan information. 
 - Improved GRIB display. 
 - New Livechart display with highlighted shallow and safety contours.
- Improved support for Navionics (option)
- improved look and feel
- DSC radio support
- Continuous Range and Bearing tool from own ship
- Support for TeamSurv - community surveying project
- Support for 2003, XP, Vista, 2008 and Windows 7

Sailing version in addition to above
- Sailing panel and additional displays

Plus version in addition to above
- AIS area alarms including extra filtering and delay
- Dual side panels
- Gyro and heading instrument panel displays

To version 6.x
Autoscan for ports
seaPro will now find your GPS, Instruments, NAVTEX and AIS and assign the right COM ports automatically.

.• Vista and Windows 7 compatible
Adds support for both Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating system as well as Windows XP.

More instrument interfaces
Up to 8 serial/NMEA channels support on any serial port channel and support for TCP/IP cable or WiFi inputs

New user interface
With new clearer icons and menus making seaPro even more intuitive and easier to use.

Additional 3rd party chart formats
Includes support for Navionics Gold and platinum charts (requires the optional Euronav/Navionics card reader)

Adjustable customizable instrument panel
Display the information you want in the order you want it to be in.

KODEN RADARpc support
Connect seaPro to a Koden's RADARpc and fully control the radar from within seaPro, see the radar image either in a stand alone window or overlayed on your chart - simply brilliant!.

NASA dual frequency NAVTEX pro support
Works on 518 KHz or 490 KHz, plus now receives messages while your PC is off - seaPro automatically downloading the messages when next connected to the NAVTEX unit.

• ICS Navtex 6 interface
Supports not only NAVTEX but also use it as a NMEA monitor.

Better routing tools and best time of departure
A new set of routing tools make planning a route and even easier and faster.

On the fly tidal route update
Add, delete or insert waypoints on a current planned route and the plan, including the course to steer, will automatically be updated - No need to re-plan.

Dockable toolbars
Keep your navigation area tidy and easy to read with new dockable toolbars.

Sailing and plus versions have further new features to the above.