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Saab R40 AIS Base Station - £POA
The R40 AIS Base Station is a standard 19” rack module intended for land installations, either as a stand-alone unit or in a network.

The R40 system is designed for high availability and reliability due to the low power consumption, giving low internal heat radiation. This guarantees the performance and ensures long, trouble-free operation. The R40 consists internally of a VHF transceiver, a GPS receiver and a controller unit. As an option, the R40 AIS Base Station also includes a DGPS Reference Station. With a reference station the R40 has the possibility to broadcast differential corrections.

The transceiver unit contains two independent VHF receivers and one transmitter that alternate its transmissions between the two operating TDMA channels.

The internal GPS receiver mainly provides accurate time synchronization.

The messages sent on the VDLs contain information such as Base Station ID, position, UTC time for synchronization and information about DGNSS correction type and source.

The R40 can also decode received data packets and output them for presentation on external systems or networks (BSC option).

The R40 AIS Base Station will receive all data from AIS equipped vessels traveling within the coverage of the Base Station site. This will enable the relevant authority or other user to monitor and follow information about ship movements along a littoral state’s coastline.

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