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Saab R4 AIS Transponder ( For best pricing - please call)
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The Saab R4 AIS Vessel Transponder is the fourth generation of Saab AIS, using the latest technology to achieve the highest performance and reliability. The R4 Class A Transponder System is type-approved with wheelmark and complies with all international standards for AIS ship systems. The R4 AIS Class A Transponder System provides you with the following high performance main features:
  Broadcast of Dynamic, Static, Voyage Related information and Short Safety Related Data.
Standardized interface for connection to ship sensors e.g. GNSS, Gyro, Turn indicator,
ECDIS, ECS, ARPA, Radar and Speed Log
High resolution 6'' graphic day and night display providing a radar like presentation of up to 500 targets in the vicinity of own ship. Situation display with capability to show vessels by bearing, range, name and call sign. Messaging display for generation and presentation of safety related text messages. Configuration and engineering mode to manage the system without any extra tools. Integrated in to the display is also the mandatory pilot plug so that installation cost can be reduced.
  Future upgrades possible without hardware changes using fully integrated DSP solution.
  VHF transceiver with one transmitter, three receivers.
Internal 12 channel backup GPS ready to upgrade with DGPS, WAAS and EGNOS capability.
  Easy to install and meets IMO installation recommendations.
  Easy to operate with user-friendly Human Machine Interface developed by practicing
  Channel management capability for areas operating on AIS frequencies other than the
standard worldwide allocated AIS frequencies.
  Possibility to generate Long Range AIS reply over SATCOM equipment e.g. Inmarsat C.
  Plug and play
DGNSS capability (New DGNSS standard).
Ships equipped with an AIS transponder can receive transmitted messages from other ships within VHF range, and plot the position of the ships with its speed, name, call sign, heading, course over ground etc. on the AIS display and/or external plotting aids. This means that every ship within VHF radio coverage may be automatically plotted on the bridge display systems.

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