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Patrol and Enforcement System
Protecting our resources

Recording a vessel sighting/event is accomplished easily with a single mouse-click on the chart (this could be over an ARPA radar or AIS target shown on the screen). The system presents the user with a dialog box, pre-filled with the date and time of the sighting and the sighted vessel’s position. The user then records the details of the sighted vessel’s activities along with any comments. The system will also store image files (e.g. from a digital camera) associated with the sighting.

Vessel sighting data can quickly build-up into large files which may be difficult to visualise on-screen, so seaPro Patrol & Enforcement System provides useful tools to refine and filter the data viewed.

Tthe user can instruct the system to show for example, only vessels which have been boarded, all vessels which have committed an offence between certain dates, or any combination of these factors.

During the course of operational activity, a database is built-up by the system, which can be viewed and sorted in list format as well as graphically on-screen.

Filter dialog box for reducing the onscreen data