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Top 10 Tech Support FAQs:

  1. I can't see my charts:

    • Ensure you have installed the charts. See the Quick Start Guide supplied with seaPro for guidance;
    • If your charts are installed: Select 'Chart' from the main menu in seaPro, click 'Folio' then 'Build Folio';
    • When the folio build is complete, the number of installed charts will be displayed. If this number is 13 or 0 you have not installed your charts.

  2. seaPro will not install:

  3. seaPro built in updater doesn't work:

    • Download the latest seaPro update manually;
    • To permanantly fix this issue with Windows 7 & Vista, lower your User Access Control: TN050.

  4. My mouse jumps around the screen:

    • This is bug in Windows 2000/XP where the NMEA 183 input is being seen as a serial mouse input;
    • A simple solution is not to switch on the GPS or plug in the NMEA cable until seaPro has started;
    • For a permenant solution, follow these steps described by Microsoft: TN036.

  5. Problems with my boat position:

    • Always point North or showing as a dot: TN043;
    • Not showing at all: TN042.

  6. Using a USB-Serial converter:

    • Ensure you have installed the driver supplied with the device;
    • Check Device Manager and look for any yellow '!' or '?'. These represtent a device that is not installed correctly.

  7. Incorrect Dongle message after installing a seaPro update:

    • The Dongle unlock code hasn't been entered. Insert the Euronav DVD and select 'Enter Unlock Codes for Upgrade'
    • If you haven't purchased an upgrade but have installed a newer version of seaPro, re-install your original version or purchase an upgrade.

  8. Error installing Livecharts:

    • Check you are using the correct DVD or download for your codes. The DVD/CD version will be will be noted on both.
    • Check your computer has a DVD drive or that you have uncompressed the 'zip' download.

  9. Error installing ARCS:

    • Not all charts are being installed: Install the Update and Base CDs again.

  10. Computer crashes:

    • seaPro does not have the ability to crash your computer, however drivers can: See TN046 for further info.

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