Versions of seaPro navigation products Change notes
Note: Not all changes/ additions apply to your version - you may need to purchase an upgrade to have access to the new features.
The version you can use is determined by your dongle version.

You can view your dongle version on the title bar of the seaPrro start up window or in Help->About


seaPro changes log

For latest release 12.x you need to be using a dongle version 12 or higher upgrade here

Important chart changes - Please read

Navionics If updating from 7.125 or earlier
You should delete and re-install your Navionics cartridges

if upgrading from a version earlier than 9.128 All charts
There have been major changes to the folio format to deal with cross date line charts. If upgrading from a version less than 9.128 you should rebuild your chart folios. Menu chart->Folio then 'Create folio' button

Release 12.216
Requires a version 12 dongle (you can purchase an unlock code for earlier versions)
Minor changes and additional features
Addional NMEA talker names to allow better selection of position source
New dongle security drivers for Windows 10 and 11
Updated tidal almanac for 2022

Release 12.214
Requires a version 12 dongle (you can purchase an unlock code for earlier versions)
Minor changes and additional features
New drivers for Windows 10
Updated tidal almanac for 2021

Release 11.1962 and 12.1962 2020/02/17
Last maintenance for version 11
seaPro Professional/Plus fix for XML AIS saving

Release 11.1961 and 12.1961 2020/01/02
All versions: Fix for a 3rd party Windows library not supporting the 2020 date (routes, tidal etc)
Fix for centering chart view over route
Minor changes

Release 12.x 2020/01/01
Release version 12.x
Version 11.x now enters maintenance software only support

Release 11.19591 2019/04/08
seaPro standard and above added ability to switch off Admiralty Total Tide if it fails
Note: Version v19 of Total Tide is no longer compatible with seaPro, use only v18 of Total Tide
(Data is the same)

Fix for setting TTM and OSD option
Internal changes and fixes.

seaPro professional only:
Add multiple radar option (FPSO version)
Source identification for AIS and radar information
Added (option with server option) XML server with a simple SOAP style service for AIS and own vessel data.

Release 11.1946 2018/07/22
seaPro standard and above
Fix for AIS alarms. that can occur under certain conditions

Release 11.1943B 2018/04/15
Updated North West Europe tidal flow database (St Malo)

Release 11.1943 2018/04/06
Driver update for security device
Minor changes

seaPro Professional and Platform protection
AIS and VHF range calculations

Release 11.1941 2017/12/16
Minor fixes and changes

seaPro plus and professional
Additional log options for AIS messages,

seaPro professional
Support for new AIS/radar merge option (special order only)

Release 11.190 2017/05/08 (requires dongle version 11)
Minor fixes and changes

seaPro lite
Auto delete of AIS message logs on starting, prevents out of memory error if log file gets very large.

seaPro standard
Auto delete of AIS message logs on starting

seaPro plus/Professional/Pilot
Added reset of AIS message files on AIS daily reset option
Added reset of AIS message log on log reset button
Added position fix from bearing to known objects (cocked hat position fix)

Release 11.181 2017/01/01 (requires the dongle in version 11)
Minor corrections.
Improved 'zoom to show route'
Version 10.x is no longer supported

Corrections ARCS

AIS XML log - changed to continuous file update, XML data appended rather than writing whole file on exit.
Note: Implies no root node - Better performance, lower memory usage and reduced risk of data loss.

Release 11.179/10.177 2016/08/20
Fix for a change in ARCS production by UKHO causing charts to be displayed blacked out
Route zoom to full view now shows complete route
Last version 10.x maintenance release

Release 11.177/10.177 2016/03/17
Waypoints - Overrun in name , now trimmed to 25 characters
AIS Vessel list. Message list now opens in correct state of viewing
Updated help..
Minor fixes and changes

seaPro sailing
Race route page- Added greying out of buttons when making selection entries to prevent user accidental starting another operation without completing action.

Version 11 only
seaPro professional Additional XML logging and alarms capability.

Release 11.172/10.172 2015/08/11 (requires dongle version 11 or 10)
Version 11
Added support for Koden radar ranges in nm/.km (standard and above)
Minor updates

All versions 10/11
Added support for Windows 10

S57chart views, prevention of partial light grey screen when occasional zooming out. in dusk//night mode
Minor fixes and changes
Version 9.x no longer supported

Release 10.165/9.1565 2014/07/14
Performance sailing
Fix for the race dialog 'Clear' passing button, only single right click required to finish rather than two

Navionics option
Fix for problems with Baltic pack MSD-44XG (bad Navionics data detected and ignored)
Added ability to remember any bad cells and avoid in future install of Navionics, stored in Navionics_BadCellList.txt
Added option to ignore the old blue Navionics card method in Charts->Setup Navionics tab.

seaPro Professional - Added new Proprietary NMEA 0183 style sentence for AIS data in web compatibility JSON format (sent over TCP/IP

seaPro plus - Inmarsat 'C' and tracking added ability to send from the seaPro server as an simple AIS target.

Release 10.164/9.1564 2014/05/22
Fix for incorrect message occurring during Navionics install
Additional prompt text on S57 install. Minor language changes (S57 install)

Release 10.161/9.1561 2014/05/16
Changes to S57
Support for AVCS DVD - will install all cells in permit rather than having to use each individual sub-folder.
Quicker install time
S57 improved evaluation of Objects

Improved handling of attached images

Help in French lite version
Updated built in Help
Minor fixes and bugs

Pro version
Import of 'own vessel' log from NMEA sentences with derived time stamping as well as AIS targets for incident investigations).

New option for Fleet tracking using Inmarsat 'C'. Call sales for information

Release 10.1562/9.1562 2013/12/05
ADP Total Tide ( SOLAS quality tidal flow and height data from UKHO)
Tidal atlas and Tidal curve, now compatible with latest Microsoft updates
Improved performance and display of data
User selectable number of stations to display (better performance with less powerful computers)

S57 Lit marks no longer display an internal default range. Only specified ranges are displayed.
Enquire did not display the default value.

Local languages
French Help added

Release 10.1561/9.1561 2013/11/21
Fix for pilot screen display of vessel dimension D and conning distance read only info display
Added download version number detection to 4DP

Release 10.1551/9.1551 2013/10/26
Platform protection/Pro/plus update to ETA for circular alarm zones to ignore zero speed targets outside zone such as ATN

Release 10.1550/9.1550 2013/10/21
New DVD release inc HW2014 almanac

Release 10.1544 2013/10/15
Added improved calculation for detection of target ETA to circular alarm zones
Additional translations

Release 10.1542/9.1542 2013/07/17 - Full download only

S57/ENC users must be using 10.1542/9.1542 or higher to be able to use the new IHO certificate and S63 1.1 encrypted data.

S63 1.1 is a an IHO requirement from 2014, some distributors are changing over sooner (AVCS). The change in certificate is required as the old Primar cert is set to expire end of August 2013. The replacement is issued by the IHO and is included with the seaPro update.

Note: New features are only available in 10.x, 9.x is a maintenance release only

Fix for Navionics charts - a problem with some Navionics cartridges could cause a lock up when being installed. Specific chart is now aborted rather than locking up - Problem seen only on Canada and SE Alaska pack. MSD/2XG/ROW
Support for the new IHO certificate and S63 1.1/1.0 encryption

Major update to seaPro remote viewer Server
Major update to the Remote Display/Viewer HTML5 App.
Fix for Secondary position fixer (plus and above)
Improved algorithm for selecting Rx sentence in Nav properties
Ship Shape
ECDIS mode now has conning position
Extended track now passes through center of vessel rather than from GPS location
Extended track line suppressed at less than 0.1kt
Ship position lines now just use heading (whatever its derived from) rather than mixture of COG and heading. Gives a more consistent look.

Added conning distance from bow in vessel dimensions

Pilot version
Gyro offset - quick set buttons to 90,180,270 and option for user set value

Some additional translations

Beta 10.1532 2013/06/011 - Full download only
Added beta version of the Remote display server (iPad, Android etc.)
To use menu Setup->Remote Display the given address (URL) into your remote devices browser.
Note: This is not a completed version of the remote display but an early pre-view

Beta 10.1531 2013/06/09
Change to menus to reflect correct 3D specifications (none)

Beta 10.1530 2013/05/31
Version 10 - Fix for folio build for ARCS Navigator and AusRNC in seaPro lite+ and standard .

Beta 10.1529 2013/05/30
Version 10 - New feature ARCS Navigator and AusRNC update service now supported on seaPro lite+ and above.

Beta 9.1528/10.1528 2013/05/24
Vessel size can now exceed 1000m using the spin control and resolution of 0.1m is available for values greater than 100m

Beta 9.1526/10.1526 2013/05/21 new features depend on whether 9 or v10

Fixed Floating data Windows (sailing/Pilot)
Fixed problems selecting waypoints for route and sailing routes from a waypoint list.
Translations major changes and improvements
Fixed SART icon (not appearing in 9.x or 10.x
Plan detail results changed to have fields as read only
Fixed dusk/night time' colors. - Improved the  Touch zoom can now be used in night mode
Fixed rotation for vector charts (not available for raster)
Fixed rounding of 359.999 to 360 degrees
Ruler display fixed and changes to x-date line and rotation
Livechart Traffic symbol fixed
4dp option in cursor box no longer being cut off
Pilot time out fixed
Fix for S52 LIGHTS04/LIGHTS05
Fixed calibration bars for monitor calibration
AIS data view speeded up for less flicker with large data sets
S57 improved log errors
S57 (S63) using permit information to decide if cell has been withdrawn, rather than less reliable catalogue entries
Cell is not removed if marked as withdrawn by supplier permit
Removed clutter from settings where Secondary fixer not supported (lite and standard)

Lite - Can now switch off extended track line. - Added  Fixed length to extended track,
-Added Popup alarm window on/off option

New features (depends on version)
Improved ECDIS/ECD log and extended track symbology addition of log icon displays. Added memory log
Added Blue Indicator for RTK (primary channel only)
Added X-track and Waypoint arrival alarms
Add sub-meter resolution for Safety and shallow areas (down to 0.1m)
Pilot version
Vessel dimensions displayed to 1 dp in Pilot start dialog
Added support for Marimatech CAT III and similar gyro units allowing for arbitrary location

Fisheries protection/Patrol
Added support for non-default location for databases etc.

10.140 Release 2013/01/27
Changes for auto update downloads via Help->Check for updates.
Changes to the version numbering
Dongles 2.6 or 9.0 shows seaPro version as 9.x
Dongles 10.0 shows seaPro version as version 10.x

10.110 Major new release 2013/01/11
Version 9.x enters maintenance support only

Windows 8 compatible version (also XP, Vista and Win 7)
Note new features require a 10.0 or higher dongle, features depend on version purchased (lite, standard pro etc)

Highlight of areas with water turbulence (overalls/eddies) on Livecharts (10.x)
Enhanced ECDIS route, extended track, log support (inc MOB and icon drops) and track width available in ECDIS mode
Changes to the layout of the track and log dialogs settings
S57 changes
Improved night colors

seaPro Pro
ARPA target detection and tracking to Koden radar in addition to MARPA
NMEA 0183 ARPA (TTM) output)

Pilot - pilot lines

9.138 Release 2012/11/11

Minor fixes for non-English versions.
Fix for AIS outline color selection
Pilot version - Fix for docking line if moved while active
Navionics (option)
Added support for installation using standard USB card readers as opposed to special Navionics card reader.
Note: Requires an internet connection while installing, once installed connection is no longer required

9.136 Release 2012/11/11 Beta
Fix for beta 9.133 DXF import in Pilot and professional versions.
Adds Dutch language support to lite version(partial)

9.134 Release 2012/11/08 Beta
Fix for beta 9.133 with right mouse click to end route input etc.

9.133 Release 2012/11/06 (beta version)
General - removed a resource leak in 9.x versions that could cause a problem on lower specification machines. or higher specification machines over longer periods (required seaPro to be re-started)

Left mouse change to operation of left mouse button In normal zoom mode now zooms in (previously selected chart underneath). Now acts the same as in pan mode.

Fixes for some area fill patterns in S57 /S52 drawing

Navionics - now operational again in this version

Changes to display of extended tack lines (ECDIS mode) now meet S52 requirements - heavier black line and tick options of 1 or 6 mins (no auto spacing)

Auto GPS NMEA sentence selection added Auto mode (Setup-Nav properties Rx). If selected seaPro will automatically select the best available sentence so as to prevent switching between differential and non-differential data if more than one sentence is available.

Suppression of crossing docking lines (option to switch off )

9.130 Release 2012/10/20 Beta version not available for general release

DXF orientation of text and line styles fix, also use default layer colors and line styles

Plus, Pro and Pilot
Multiple route selection now updates if new routes or routes deleted
The incorrect error 'Error opening none' - fixed
Overlays option under Chart -> Settings Overlay tab to turn off the default border outline
Plus/Pro - added support for Alarm trigger for TCP/IP Alarm relay hardware (option).
Trigger external hardware klaxon etc

Transponder (class A) - 'Get from Transponder' own vessel static data. Previously an older method predating the recommended Query sentence method was used (in addition to the Query method) in addition to the Query method. Now only the standard query message is used. Older transponder should have been updated by now.
Reason for change - some newer transponder might not be able to deal correctly with the older method and miss the query command.

AIS vessel color outline can now be set by user (default is light green)

Scale bars - fix
Fix for the display of ARCS chart panels that occurred in 9.103 - 9.126
Livecharts - Improved display of light sectors with small light sector arcs.
Improvement in small harbour facilities display
S57 Changes for inland ENC support. Added display of KM markers


9.127 Release 2012/10/03 Currently only available to 9.103 users and above
This download is only available if you have 9.112 or higher installed. An update for other eligible versions will be available in the next few weeks.
Important: All chart folios should be rebuilt - Menu option Charts->Folio

Add enhanced cross date line support
Fixes for raster chart folios for cross dateline working
Improved display of light sectors in Livecharts
Other minor changes to chart display.

Pilot version AIS - Transponder Get vessel data now just sends the standard NMEA query sentences.
i.e. Older proprietary sentences are no longer sent including blank VSD and SSD

Improved language translations (French)

General release

9.102 Release 2012/08/15
S57 general
Change to cell projections
Fix for cells with very large polygons (Aus)
Inland S57/ENC
Fixes for some object symbols and decoding
Update to inland symbol reference file (dia)
Alarm settings dialog Sound till canceled button- Fixed

9.101 Release 2012/07/31
Change of major version number to 9.1x
Dongle version in Help->About will now show the major version of seaPro that it will work with
For example dongle version 9.0 will work with versions of seaPro version 9.x.

Note: All 2.6 dongles will now show as version 9.0

Minor other cosmetic fixes.

8.503 Major new release 2012/07/25

Changes include:
Major update to S57 to meet latest standards
Support for Australian HO S57 encrypted install CD's
Adds new object support
Added support for River ENC's
Changes to setting option for ENC compatibility
Added scale calibration bars
Added colour check screen
Improved object support
Faster cell display

Charting - general
Faster drawing and enhance auto cell selection
Simplified chart control settings
Improved display of text and names for objects

Number of Persons on board (POB) touch compatible dialog
(selected from touch bar)

New help including context sensitive help *English language)
Changes to Function key bar - support for POB F7 on default bar

Added Local time for ETR
Multiple predicted vessel positions can be selected

Changes fro 8.5 beta versions

Route text and Waypoint names
Livechart /S57 drawing conflict resolved
Removal of grey/.white areas around Livecharts
Blank chart window is no longer is changed by building a folio or other global options

Previous versions

8.412/7.412 Release 12/07/2012
All seaPro versions
S57 - depth sounding displayed in accordance with S52 specifications.
Depths less than 30m displayed with 1 dp rather than 10m or less (if data available)

8.410/7.410 Release 01/07/2012
All versions
Fix for route names not being displayed on chart on some systems.

8.405B Release 30/01/2012
New help files added - no change to program

8.405 Release 28/01/2012
Livecharts display
Minor change to improve the display of some marks at a lower zoom in + display of some additional S57 derived mark text.

8.404 Release 25/01/2012
Changes to S57/S52, improved installation visit etc
Livecharts display correct display of some black text names appearing as magenta

8.403 Release 06/01/2012
Changes to remove need for Microsoft Common Runtime 2005

8.402 Release 06/01/2012
S57 - Changes to S57 installer and improved processing of data,
Improved S52 displays with support for latest S52 specifications (symbols/objects etc).
Easier installation from downloads such as AVCS service
Livecharts/Navionics change to the display to show more marks at an earlier zoom.
Support for SCALMIN attribute when available in chart - better anti-clutter

seaPro Standard and above
GRIB - ability to deal with very large GRIB files
Improved false coloring
Alarm system options for audio, voice output (English) options
Option for faster system tick for modern processors.
SART AIS support improved

New features with 2.6 dongle (2012 version)
GRIB - selectable re-sampling of data (2.5 has a fixed value)
Selectable False coloring schemes including auto
Alarm system options for audio, voice output (English) options

seaPro plus
AIS ability to receive message (AIS receiver) and to send (class A transponders).

Pilot version
Support for DXF import for port plans etc
Support for RTK sentences
Improved distance off number display

8.305 Release 27/09/2011
S57 - Fixed problem with update fail on some S57 encoded cells
Alerts - can now handle multiple alerts from different SART units in the same area
Decoding of manufactures codes
AIS vessel on screen update improved
GPS type of fix detection for PPS GPS service /RTK added additional display on Navigator panel
System tick default is now a new 20ms option for faster updates

GRIB weather/data files
Some changes to way data ranges are selected for pressure - now dynamic,
Version 8.x
Support for large Grib files with re sampling (default to 100 x100 grid)
Options for user selected false color settings inc Auto (via grin toolbar setup)

Version 7.x warning of large GRIB files and option to cancel display

Pilot version
On installation detects and set pilot option (can be turned off later if required
Default panel options tailored for pilot use (docking in panel B added)
Docking line color changed to more visible colour
Distance off numbers added semi0-transparent background for clarity (night colour aware)
Minor fix for obtaining remote vessel information (off air or from onboard AIS

8.304 Release 27/09/2011
S57 - S52 display of safe wrecks and obstructions - fixed
Note: There is no need to re-install the S57 data if upgrading from 8.302 or higher (S52 display change only)

8.303 Release 25/09/2011
Livecharts -
Fix for enquire on line locating additional text file information
Change improved light blip symbol
Support for 'new' object draw from S57 derived data

8.302 Release 17/09/2011
Charting S57 only
Major new support for S52 (3.4) and S57 specifications
Fixed problem with 'shadow 'Traffic arrow
Fixed cell boundary rejection
Important you will need to re-install the S57 cells.

New features (standard and above)
Setup options to change alarm modes
Pop up warning options
Update Geotiff support
Numerous minor changes and features

Added  support for  PPU hardware Navicvom Channel pilot

Add XDF import option to overlays (Chart->Databases)

AIS Plus/Pro version now correctly repeats multiple sentences
Lite - Fix for small ship icon

Translation changes and additions

8.206 Release 24/04/2011
Navionics - Fix for display of mark text for repeated or similar object name and cartographic text introduced in 8.205
Class A transponders
seaPro standard and above - option to receive/send SRM and text IFM 0 messages temporarily removed. Use built in function on Transponder. Other transmit functions such as number of passengers and static information are not effected.

8.205 Release 03/04/2011
S57 -Fix for some problems seen on S57 cells with wrecks. Important: Any S57 cells should be re-installed.
Navionics Increased zoom capability on some cells
Navionics/Livecharts:Mark names now shown on all marks and if anti-aliasing text option switched off
S57 fix for depth sounding/ wrecks on some S57 cells
SOG/COG now display on same line to save display space when displayed on chart
Changes to some text/menu items to improve consistency

Other - seaPro standard and above
Option to allow White on Black text in panels data display
Now right justified and position not to avoid conflict with chart text (where possible)
Added waypoint select and edit from chart
Improved text display - using non anti-aliased text
Option to switch on/off display of waypoint Id number in addition to text.
Increased beyond 999 waypoint's
Added overlap detection for waypoints - prevents waypoint text overwriting adjacent waypoints.

Raw NMEA server (plus and above)
Receive data option is now on the same port as the Transmit
Added option to send data other data i.e. ARPA, AIS or own vessel
Animation/Log playback - instant full playback,- allows the tracks to be seen immediately rather than having to play back.

Added new panel instrument option with larger Heading, VCOG and SOG
Editing of dock line points

8.204 Release 14/03/2011
Navionics - improved zoom level (now similar to Livecharts)
Navionics - added direct name display (where available) for cardinals, safe water, Isolated danger, laterals
(previously via enquire)
Improved the enquire on overlays
Improved grab handle on transparent Touch toolbar (8.x only)
Pilot - docking improved own vessel fill option and predicted vessel position
Improved dock position entry
Livecharts and Navionics - fixed problem when using a very high overzoom
Transparency on About information - more readable
Fixed problem on exiting full screen
Route GPX export - missing close '/' added
Non-Englsh versions
Extended tracks can now be altered
Overlay enquire UI French and Spanish 'Repeat' text corrected

8.203 Release 18/02/2011
Maintenance changes
S57 Fix for the display of a number of French cells on south Coast of France
S57 fix for missing depth soundings on recent releases of EA,MS and SG cells (data from other HO 's and earlier data is displayed correctly).
Changes will require the re-installation of the cells
Improved layout of charting install dialog.
Route folder - Browse for alternative folder location - now operational.
Changes for seaPro standard and above:
Sailing (Non-English versions) - Back button in Weather routing results now operated.
Non-English versions - fix for the running log graph selection
PDA option - now immediately implements changes rather than after a re-start.
Improved control of vessel shape sizing when in 'not to scale mode' in PDA and normal screens (you may need to alter Setup->Nav Properties then Display Tab)

New features (8.x) - inc additional Touch screen support
Floating touch toolbar with auto fade - Activated by hand symbol top right of main window
Route tool - title bar made slightly larger for easier touch control.
New AIS Bad data rejection filter - filters out corrupt AIS data targets - especially useful if receiving over a wide area.
AIS settings-> Configuration page to alter filter settings
Plus/Pro new option to ignore an AIS target if its outside the AIS sharing polygons
Pilot Docking version - Improved legibility of lines and option of a semi-transparent fill for the vessel.

8.201 Release 06/01/2011 - New Major release
Requires a 2.5 dongle - To purchase an unlock code please call sales or upgrade on line
To check your dongle version use Help->about
All versions
Maintenance changes as per 7.201
Added Magnifying glass to all versions
Added gesture/Touch screen support
Added 'grab and pan' cursor mode for pan (use the Chart toolbar to swap into pan mode)
PDA option now in all versions
Added improved AIS log export
Added  AIS log import (plus version) , csv and raw NMEA  and NMEA date formats

7.201 Release 06/01/2011

Maintenance release only - no new features
Fix for S57 permits that don't contain permits in correct alphabetical order.

7.130 Release 01/12/2010

Added support for TeamSurv community survey (all versions)
Improved import/export logs for AIS (plus and 2.5 version only)

7.127 Release 04/11/2010

Language specific
French/Spanish - Fix for  Route View when selecting 'Ver' or 'Vues' button on route toolbar
Spanish - fixed missing missing Garmin GPS option on serial port settings dialog
Spanish - fixed problem when altering GPS properties Setup->Nav properties Rx tab and in lite setup GPS
German - improved layout for Setup->systems dialog box

Non language changes
Sailing  route dialog - Removed risk of locking toolbar if user forgets to cancel 'Adding pass on side'
Route plan dialog - Setting for per leg, spin button fixed
GPX format
Export GPX format removed extra .8 characters in position format
Export route to GPX now outputs using the rte rather than wpt for better compatibility with third party software/devices
Import route expects to see rte rather than wpt.

New features requires dongle version 2.5 or higher (help->about to check)
Plus and above - Added ability too set MMSI targets in the alarm trigger by Clicking on target, selecting from list, or to use currently selected target.

Added Delay option for AIS settings for CPA alarms, a delay can be set before the alarm triggers. This allows vessels that might be momentarily turning through a collision heading to be ignored for a user set period of time.

7.125 Release 08/09/2010

All versions
Navionics (optional support)
Added support for Platinum+ Satellite/aerial photos. Land only/Full plus alpha blending (make transparent with underlying chart data).

Added support for Pilot books (Platinum +)
Symbols used instead of annotation text where possible for example tree symbols instead of the text 'WOODS' -
reduces clutter etc.
Fixed a problem that under certain circumstances two cells covering exactly the same area but with different resolutions (scale) might result in the lower resolution being displayed.
Improved installation (and removal) of Navionics cartridges.
Improved display of Navionics data including cartographic text (Warnings and other information, such as 'High speed craft operate in this area').

Note. Due to limitations with the annotation text its not possible to display the text in a guaranteed and sensible way. To resolve the problem the text has been placed behind information triangles (click on using enquire), all the text is there, although it might appear out of order. This also prevents the chart becoming cluttered with repeated/redundant text messages.

Important: You will need to uninstall the Navionics cartridges and re-install once the update is done..
Simply delete the contents of the seaPro Navionics folder (not the cartridge!) and rebuild your folder.

Standard and above
GRIB colour's/alpha blending for Wind on-route and Geographical now show correct colours under Windows 7.
GRIB weather radio buttons  - on selecting Default now display correctly.
Plan - Default speed entry increased to one decimal place
File selection dialogs from non-specific data such as GRIB data will default to the last used location for that particular file type.
Native operating system Alpha Blend is now used exclusively - performance and quality boost.

Plus and above
Own ship alarm - changed to emphasize  which is own ship
Add ETA detection on polygons (currently just on circle)         
Add zoom to (as per alarm edit) to Targets in Alarm list
Professional version
Speed detection trigger for Alarm areas (set as a filter group)

7.123 Release 03/06/2010
seaPro lite - use of PC Radar more obvious, off by default. Use the setup menu to enable
Minor changes to the Pilot version

7.121 Release 28/05/2010

All users of 7.1xx version should download this update (or later)
Important fix to prevent the use of a plotting sheet when using ARCS or S57 data

7.120 Release 21/05/2010

Fix for NMEA network monitor window -0 wasn't showing correctly
Fix for dongle security problem - that could cause loss of use.

Minor changes
Selecting a file item - additional items now remember the last used location for the option (such as GRIB files).
Removed legacy seaPro 2000 Networking option - Use the NMEA raw, protocol is faster and transfers more information such as AIS (Setup->Network).
Pilot version only - Sailing option removed

7.118 Release 16/05/2010

Fixes for
seaPro Network client setup - ability to define a remote NMEA server by name.
seaPro sailing - routes with more than one polar diagram
seaPro plus Route sharing across local area network
Alarms - zoom in to un initialized circular alarm prevented

7.117 Release 06/04/2010

seaPro standard and above: Fixed Log settings - was being set to default each time setting dialog opened
Sound - Start up dialog 'Enable sound' button- now only alters the start up and close sounds and not Alarms etc.

seaPro plus/Pilot - added ability to specify GPS antenna /Vessel size when using secondary position fixer.
Left click on the panel GPS indicators to set up how the system should behave on primary GPS failure


7.116 Release 31/03/2010 Major new release
You should delete and reinstall your Navionics cartridges to benefit from some of these changes
S57 users
You should re-install your S57 charts to benefit from these changes
Pilot version users please contact Euronav sales for an unlock code

Changes include
Pilot version now controlled by dongle setting
French version only- crash on Pressing (normal or sailing) panel Option button
Sailing instrument window  - missing cursor option (in sailing panel)

Tidal flow - Enquire gave reciprocal heading fro direction
Use of larger text size and offset from arrows
Wind arrow text correction
Interpolation and GRIB display settings( default for current not working)
Own vessel – Standard display mode was only using COG and not using heading True (gyro) if available

Improvements to chart selection of non-cell Livecharts when used with Livechart cells
Added Auto S57/Livechart/Navionics priority of selection Improved/conversion and display of S57 cells
Many changes to the Navionics conversions
Removed the redundant Legacy Network interface
Fixes to chart rotation
Improved handling of cross dateline charts
Enquire - added missing text in non-English versions
Grid lines (lat) fixed missing at world zoom levels
DEM data draw improved coverage of land polygons
Improved handling of rotated charts with vessel auto-scroll

Light sequences – reduced clutter with light sequence text (SIGGRP/SIGPER)
Improvement in conversion presentation

Navionics - changes to conversion and display code

7.1.05 Release 6th Jan 2010

Fixes and upgraded features to Navionics support option
Lite - Fix for Route view in French language
Increased functionality for AIS alarms in plus version
Overlay support for attachments such as HTML or pdf (requires appropriate default reader)

7.1.02 New major Release 12th Dec 2009
Important this requires dongle 2.4 or higher

Many changes and feature improvements - some examples below

Plus version
Add rate of turn indicator and heading (small and large range – in panel and Data window (same for gyro)
Fisheries protection add on option now available in seaPro 3000

AIS Alarm zones can be assigned group filtering
AIS Tracks in alarms added ID and Type
AIS alarms - general alarms list added

Pilot system version (new) - designed for use with carry on board navigation system for professional Pilots

Navionics (optional add on)
New implementation using a new display engine. Charts now display in a similar style to Livechart without some of the previous restrictions imposed by the older navionics supplied libraries.
Navionics toolbar blend feature

S57 Update CD status information given on enquire
GRIB improved enquire and information
Support in Routes and Waypoints for import/export of the GPX format
New GPS display lights

All versions
Easier control of chart settings
Option to use the scale of each object (where available) to reduce chart clutter
User selectable shading for safety, shallow and deep depth areas with Livecharts (cells) and S57, hi-lighting of safety and optionally shallow areas.

Note: Users from earlier versions will also see additional features if they had dongle version less than 2.1 (see below)

6.454 Release 21st Oct 2009
Fix for missing S57 option when upgrading from lite to standard or above
About features - now shows seapro Standard when appropriate

6.453 Release 18th Sept 2009
Fix for minor Livechart and rendering
Fix for slow drawing of live_r raster charts when folio boxes are switched on
seaPro performance sailing - When in the race route and entering pass to Port/Strbd for marks the toolbar/menu buttons are now fully grayed out/disabled. Prevents starting a another action that could confusing
seaPro lite Demo only - fix for AIS simulation not starting till a menu option selected

6.451 Release 14th Sept 2009
Page zoom buttons now operate correctly for chart zoom
VTG  when no value received *** displayed.
Chart support
Fixed cell update problem seen with some some specific HO cells
Fixed a boundary problem seen on some cells from specific HO's
ARCS - Fixed a problems when installing large number of ARCS charts
Other minor fixes and enhancements
Garmin - Added support for new Garmin drivers (position and COG/SOG)
As of Sept 2009 following are supported

  • GPS 12
  • GPS 18
  • GPSmap 76C
  • GPSmap 76CSX
  • GPSmap 176
  • GPSmap 276
  • Gecko
  • Legend-C

However support depends on the Garmin drivers so this list may change over time. Ensure you have the latest Garmin drivers for your device. Due to problems with Garmin drivers and Garmin's lack of support for their software no tech support is available for Garmin devices from Euronav.

Removed non-functional Filter button in vessel view.
Vessel shape shown as circle when GPS SOG less that 1kt
(COG is not accurate at low SOG)
Fix for version and correct chart support settings information in lite

Standard and above
Fixed True wind speed using degrees rather than kts as displayed units.
Added some extra items to data panel

6.441 Release 28th July 2009
Support for additional Geotif format

6.440 Release July 2009
seaPro standard and above
Weather routing - fix
Added support for import/export in GPX format in waypoints and route (File management select in the file type)

6.439 Release May 29th 2009
seaPro standard and above - Fix for occasional missing GoTo dialog box + improved layout of popup menu selection

6.438 Release April 20th 2009
GPS - GLL sentence, fix for differential state indication.

6.436 Release March 24th 2009
French version only - AIS enquire buttons work correctly.

6.435 Release March 24th 2009
Minor changes including improved additional base charts (LCWORLD etc) when available.

6.434 Release Jan 30th 2009
Fix for problem with PCRadar when seaPro set for Norwegian language setting (other languages ok).
Installer improved installation of chart directories (specifically those for Livechart raster charts).

6.433 Release Jan 22nd 2009
Fixed intermittent availability for Navionics option on some systems. Removed green outline box.
Fixed minor colour display with AIS targets etc when used with a faded colour scheme (dusk/night etc).
Fix for dotted red line appearing if route waypoints are deleted.

6.432 Release Jan 8th 2009
Improved display of routes (and other lines) when girdling the world and crossing date lines.
Standard and above
New GRIB toolbar, display styles, user settings and data support.
Sailing version - fixed display of geowind during animation
Plus version
Changes to Great circle display

6.422 Release Dec 21st 2008
Plus version only
Enabled Data windows (Setup->Panel Toolbars) for non-sailing versions (requires plus version)
Modified TCP/IP server setting AIS share options for greater clarity of selection of Send all Targets and Send only targets within polygon areas)
seaPro standard and above
Eye View icon button - drop down - Now correctly displays first 8 views only. Add more option to menu for remaining views

6.421 Release Dec 10th 2008
When entering Dusk/Night color mode - Added protection to prevent program not responding if another application fails to respond correctly to a Windows request to change Theme (colors).

Added for new/full installs support for the wireless seaMate 1A pilot unit (plugs into class A AIS transponder pilot plug)
(allows seaPro to wirelessly connect to a ships AIS transponder)

6.420 Release Nov 12th 2008
Tidal data for 2009 added. Use separate download to update already installed installations

6.420 Release Oct 31st 2008
Total tide - fix for detecting status
Fishing tool bar - Depth button now indicates correctly (and maintains status on restarting)
Fix for a design change/bug in Microsoft support libraries when using explorer style file select dialog (loss of default folder occurs).
Added wapoint name to Actual plan panel (in additional to waypoint number).

6.419 Release Oct 23rd 2008
Show full screen - possible problem on some system fixed

6.418 Release Oct 21st 2008
PC Radar
diagnostic info - IP address of radar on information tab. Now avoids sending radar commands if radar might be busy

6.417 Release Oct 17th 2008
Tidal curve
- Added information on the title bar of the status/year of validity/issue of the harmonic constants being used.
Note: Earlier data will just show as SHM : ??
Fixed potential problem in rare case where the text for the title bar is to long.
PDA output option dialog
Function now operates (if available in a particular version) Note: There is a possible problem if the resolution of the image is made small, this will be fixed in a later release. Potential problem when opening another file such as a grib file fixed.
NMEA depth input, correction for the way DPT offset is applied.
PCRADAR changes to prevent possible timing/connection problems with some network cards

6.415 Release Oct 12th 2008
Fix for deselecting target track from AIS target list (inc on close)
Removed non-used AIS sharing option from AIS/Radar menu in standard version
Sharing option (plus option)- polygons can now be hidden (from toolbar) and area operation filtering fixed
Depth display now shows both Depth below keel (DBK) and depth below surface (DBS). Uses offsets supplied in the Setup-> Vessels data or from the NMEA sentence (if available)
Toolbar - incorrect icon use fixed (prevents a possible crash with some data)
Enquire - data display now automatically located so as not to cover point of interest.
Charting S57
Added ability to look at which update CD was last used (S57 re-install required to add required data)

6.412 Release Oct 3rd 2008
PC Radar -Now sends go to standby to PC Radar on seaPro being closed rather than relying on a time out. Removes problem of seapro not seeing radar if restarted before timeout.
In night/dusk mode possibility of display a white blank area removed

6.411 Release Sept 28th 2008
Changes depend on version lite/std/plus
New features
Data windows added to Plus version (if sailing features not enabled).
Serial ports setting changed Warning dialog box   - added "Don't show this again" option.
Enhanced tidal plan algorithm
AIS track hi light not cleared when 'quick details' dlg closed.
Filter groups - track drawing options simplified.
GRIB - spelling in label fixed.
Polar auto-update problem with multiple sailplans fixed.
Polar update now updates polar display as data received.
Charting toolbar, removed potential problem.
UAIS info box button shifted to wrong place.
UAIS vessel list - now doesn't redraw when being scrolled etc.
File select list - sort on date fixed
File log export - removed redundant entry at end of file.

6.410 Release Sept 24th 2008
Navionics - installation can now be to any folder set in Chart->Settings Chart directories, previously it was to a sub folder of the Livechart containing folder.
NMEA DBS depth below surface - is now decode without offsets
NMEA DPT depth (relative to transducer) any supplied offset in the sentence is now used correctly or if not available, the user entered offsets are used.

6.409 Release Sept 23rd 2008
Plus version only - Changes to Auto-scroll settings in Setup->Nav properties Display tab, in older versions of dongle ((<2.1) the settings were missing.
All versions
Navionics support - changes to installation to prevent using cartridge directly.

6.407 Release Sept 19th 2008
Transmit Tx now set to always on, redundant option removed in seaPro standard and above
If 'off' required - alter in serial or TCP/IP settings.
Note: Update required for seaPro lite v6.4 to 6.406 if NMEA output required. Alternativly in spro.ini set TXACTIVE =1

6.406 Release Sept 15th 2008
Change to Navionics support - option to use from Navionics cartridge removed.
Navionics charts are now only stored on the hard disk - with all the benefits of doing so!
Alarm tabs operation improved
Fixed problem when exporting/importing log files (non fishing version) .
Exported format now adds a comma between position values for improved CSV compatibility with external programs, such as MS Excel and databases. Note:To import previous text files the comma will need to be added.

6.405 Release Sept 14th 2008
Auto-updates enabled.
6.404 users will need to manually update to 6.405
The automatic update will work with 6.382

6.404 Release Sept 12th 2008
===== Major release and update for all seaPro 3000 systems ====

Note: Will work with all previous seaPro 3000 versions, the major new features will only appear if you have a 2.1 or higher dongle version (from Sept 2008) - to check use Menu option Help->about. You can contact your supplier to purchase an upgrade (£99.95 inc VAT) if required.

Major changes include (dongle 2.1 only)
GRIB support and display, support for more GRIB data types by identifying unknown types as vector (such as wind direction) or scalar (such amount of rain fall)  quantities and allow the data to be displayed.

Change to GRIB display and the addition of an enquire feature to interrogated all data types at a particular time and position.

Support for Total Tides within seaPro, allows displaying of both tidal height and tidal flow using the  data available in any TotalTide product installed.
TotalTide is a product from the UKHO and displays tidal data to an accuracy beyond that of most other methods by using  additional harmonic constituents not released to other suppliers. The results equate to those published in Official Tidal calculations and can be better than 0.2m and 30mins more accurate in the predictions compared to other products.

Tidal flow data from GRIB (currents) and from TotalTide can be used for passage planning.

Other changes(for all versions) include
Improved menu layouts and dialogs, designed to work with lower resolution screens without comprising ease of use.
Support for Livechart raster formats (used in some of the new chart packs for port plans etc).

Many minor changes and improvements to the program

6.382 Release Aug 13th 2008 (automatic update disabled)
AIS - Display of POB, minor change to display value consistently

6.381 Release Aug 11th 2008
(automatic update enabled)
plus/pro version - AIS Class 'A' transponders IFM/DAC changes to format specifically for
Number of passengers on board (POB - IFM40.
All versions - Above AIS changes applies to the reception of uuencoded POB (IFM40)

6.380 Release Aug 8th 2008
plus/pro version -
AIS 'Number of passengers on board', corrected intervals at which information is sent (minimum interval now 1 minute). Sends information on closing dialog i.e. sends any changes straight away (as per certain VTS requirements).

6.379 Release Aug 4th 2008
All versions -
Now correctly detects if LCWorld or livechart folder (live_b) is missing and creates a blank chart area rather than exit. Note: non-auto update as a minor fix that will have no not impact on most users

6.378 Release Aug 1st 2008
Sailing version - wind on route fixed

6.377 Release July 28th 2008
Fishing version only - Fixed potential problem of screen flashing when updating with fresh GPS data.
seaPro lite - New icon for auto-scroll, now same as seaPro (a vessel outline rather than a cross shape)

6.376 Release July 25th 2008
Chart datum
Text description of datum codes for tiff and other raster formats (non ARCS/BSB) charts displayed in chart information dialog rather than tiff datum code.
If non WGS84 chart encountered and can't be converted to WGS84 (such as tiff chart) - unknown datum or similar is text is displayed in chart window title.

GPS status display - French version displays correctly
Track log - Removed superfluous calculation of COG/SOG (recorded in data log), removed labels that are not required.
Added Wait message while data is being loaded into view dialog (can take a while with a large log file)

Fishing version only
Fixed problem that caused problem in displaying log under certain conditions
Enquire on log - now selects nearest log entry

6.375 Release July 18th 2008
NMEA Rx settings - Selection of sentence for COG source -fixed
Added option of 'RMC and VTG' for COG source
Log Animation - setting for time close to midnight doesn't alter day

6.374 Release July 11th 2008
Non-English version - Under menu Setup->System Sailing option now available
English version - Setup->System Title now displayed on first tab

6.373 Release July 4th 2008
Improved recovery from sleep mode on some machines
GPS signal lost, occasional pop up suppressed - just triggers alarm/lights

6.370 Release June 30th 2008
Weather routing
Enable GRIB selection
Prevented Wpt dist from being set to 0 nm by user or calculation.

6.369 Release June 26th 2008
Important - On some computers if you want to use the automatic updating for seaPro, then this version (or higher) needs to be downloaded and installed before automatic updates will complete successfully. If your computer has detected a new version and downloaded it, but not automatically installed it (no restart), then you can also run the seaProUpdate.exe file found in the seapro 3000 run time folder (C:\euronav seaPro.....)

range and bearing now shows for all vessels
Transponder 'A' -
Number of Passengers onboard transmission now user selectable down to 1 minute.
Raw TCP/P NMEA data settings
More options inc ability to send NMEA data to devices (autopilot etc)
If using TCP/IP NMEA input you may need to check the settings after this update.

Removed a potential problem when selecting a particular TCP/IP channel for editing
Added in Setup menu Option to display side panel (in addition to icon button)
Chart folio boxes occasional not showing at certain zoom levels - fixed
lite version
Non-calculated information removed from route plan (no change in functionality)
Sailing version
with Navionics charts - laylines are displayed at all zoom levels

6.366 Release June10th 2008
Tidal atlas/planning
- Removed the warning when planning a route in non-tidal areas with tidal planning 'on'
Fixed Multiple warnings if no tidal data is detected when using the tidal atlas toolbar.
Charts - ARCS
- Fix for problem trying to load ARCS (HCRF) when using the wrong CD (no permit for charts), now simply shows no charts to install in the select window.

6.364 Release June 6th 2008
Alarms - vessels and targets now triggering correctly on entering/leaving alarm areas

---------------------------------------------- Beta changes now in 6.346 release ------------------------------------------------------
6.362 Beta test release May 30th 2008
Performance sailing - Downwind laylines (from route waypoints) are now extended to vessel position if vessel is outside the default layline corridor length - visual improvement and dist/time to layline can be calculated

Improved GoTo button (eye symbol) - remembers previous goto's

6.361 Beta test release May 27th 2008
Setup->Nav properties RX - Default setting for Position fixer Sentence now set to Any
AIS Setup - Show filter group now off by default (ini file changed on install)
AIS filters Groups - off by default
Automatic down loader timer incorrect - fixed
Weather routing - Problem if actual Wind values lower than lowest in entered polar range. Fixed

6.360 Beta test Release version May 26th 2008
All message text no longer text selected after an 'Enquire on chart'
'Show dialog on new message
Message icon on chart is hi lighted when selected.
Hyperlink hi lighted in message and shows hand cursor.

DSC radio interface (RX only)
New menu option under Weather/Comms
DSC Routine and Distress messages added to log and shown on chart (inc MMSI number
DSC option added to simulator (demo)
When a routine position is requested/received (by the radio) the MMSI number is now displayed in pop up window.
DSC target markers now colour coded - red for distress green routine position
Range and distance to DSC target marker displayed in pop up


Separate RMC/RMB options (for Tacktick systems)

New dialogs to give better control over selection of GPS (including secondary GPS in plus version) and COG/SOG sentences. New ini file for saving NMEA TX/RX status settings in.

Network inputs
Added option for secondary GPS and Navtex over TCP/IP

AIS groups
Added default groups of targets that have been Accepted or Unaccepted by the user using the Accept option. The groupings are read from the log, so are valid between re-starts until the AIS log is reset.
Show filter group is now an option for the AIS display

Improved looking images on some toolbar buttons (same images better quality)

Radar ARPA
Setup NMEA properties Extended track - Added user defined time (down to seconds), also added to ARPA radar drop down button

Improved cell selection to give better coverage
More cells can be selected to be drawn
ARCS - Add full ARCS uninstall

Automated update checking option (on by default)


Toolbar White flag option sometimes missing - fixed

seaPro lite - route toolbars
Change Plan (greyed currently) to display the plan (currently on the list button)
Change List to View and use to display waypoint list (currently on the menu).

Richedit32.dll no longer installed (removed on updates from seaPro folder) - now use Windows own system version.

---------------------------------------- end of 6.36x Beta version changes --------------------------------------------------------

6.353 Release version 1st May 2008
Fix for weather routing using Grib file
Improved display of bridges depicted as a single line
Switching off Spot depth now switches off display of area depth ranges

6.352 Release version 29th April 2008
Fix for BSB charts - not all charts being adedd into folio

6.351 Release version 25th April 2008
Fix for menu overwriting/loss in 64Bit operating systems
Fix for Setup->properties RX(in 6.350/6.349)
Fix for ARCS charts installation

6.349 Release version 21st April 2008
seaPro fishing only
Fix for enquire track

6.348 Release version 18th April 2008
Navionics charts
Allow Navionics full overzoom by default with Navionics charts (different to Livecharts/S57/ARCS etc)
Fixed depth values being rounded down to lowest integer i.e 0.4 was rounded to 0.0. Now displays 0.4

6.347B Release version 15th April 2008
Change to full installer to give better default settings (prevents secondary GPS indicator appearing when not required (option only in plus and above).

6.347 Release version 15th April 2008

Added support for Australian geoTif
Serial settings dialog - Fixed manual setting of BAUD rate if Autoscan not completed.

6.346 Release version 10th April 2008

Fix for some bridges not show correctly in Livecharts
Navionics - fixed problem that under certain conditions would prevent zoom in occurring.
S57 - Harbour areas coloured to depth area rather 'brown' harbour area.
Minor changes and fixes to 3D

New NMEA0183 serial interface for better compatibility with some serial port drivers.
Serial port setup, aspect ratio changed to fit on wide screen lower resolution screens
TCP/IP client can option now has option to send data for autopilot, repeaters etc.
Tidal curve
when moving off tidal curve then back on position times are now reset to default
Curve can now be resized in non-english versions

Sailing version
Race plan - waypoints (from list) can now be add to the plan.

6.345 Beta version 20th March 2008
Add support for the following new formats:
General GeoTiff raster format - note this format can vary, datum should be checked that its WGS84 compatible
NV/VERLAG - High quality Raster charts (
Chart settings directories box changed to group vector and raster types together, increased size of box

S57 -changed color of Small Craft facilities, now shows depth colour

6.344 Beta version 18th March 2008
Fixes for Beta version
NMEA autopilot HSC output - if switched on could cause seaPro to exit
Creating a new route while old route active with laylines/target marker on could cause seaPro to exit
AIS Filter - group 'delete' option now permanently deletes the selected group.

6.343 Beta version 14th March 2008
Changed size of Serial settings dialog to fit lower resolution wide screen displays
Reduced memory usage due to tracking of targets over long periods of time. Now displays initial track at full resolution (AIS receiver rate) followed by a track at log resolution.
AIS Log export - improved for batch conversion of files to text and for vessel database
AIS data input - detecting incorrect data formats being sent from some NMEA multiplexers/ and non Euronav supplied class B AIS transponders.
Note: Multiplexers are not recommended (or required)

PC radar - Added support for High definition/resolution radar display - allows a range of sample and azimuth resolutions
the display (bitmap)size is altered to suit. To alter use menu option AIS/Radar-> PC RADAR then Setup tag (scroll to it)
Added support for new Livechart raster charts (live R's)

GPS Satellite Status - increased displayed channels to 20 (best 20 S/N ratio displayed)

6.342 Beta version - 5th March 2008
Fix for new navtex interface Beta in 6.341

6.341 Beta version - 1st March 2008 - see next section down for released versions

AIS window info size – increased to accommodate max possible number of information items.
Now detects invalid values of COG/ SOG when drawing target extended track lines.
AIS message window - with 'Accept option' on "=>%s"  replaced with '=>' to indicated targets not accepted yet.
Red circle hi-light removed from AIS targets
Fixed - triggering of alarm whenever any target leaves an alarm zone - now limited to list of MMSI in Filter list of the specific alarm zone ( include option ticked).
AIS server - Now correctly sends the static information as well as target position reports to clients.

RML format no longer supported (due to problems with third party drivers reading the encoded data)
PCX format fix
Jump and slow draw when used with Livecharts in same area fixed
Improved conversion inc support for full IHO S63 encryption (previous Primar/IC-ENC S63 method maintained as an option).
Netherlands river S57 data - better filtering for bad cell data and recovery
Australian ENC special services delivery support (special order only)

New user interface - bigger and easier to view

Fishing version - toolbar improved - and dock able
Note: If using an update - toolbar layout will return to default with this version (toolbar changes)
Improved measure toolbar in lite version
Route toolbar – Now updating route name change on title bar of route.

Send to Nav now works with main serial Tx port (‘Com port not set up message’ was being received)
Disabled RTE etc in send waypoints dialog (not required)

New Hasp drivers been added to distribution (32/64 bit signed)
Improved serial port selection code
Fixed - Running animation - and then exiting (while still in animation) the selected animation logs become the current ones when you restart.
Panel Data button size - increased
Own vessel Engine data.
Altering the L/Hour now alters the range display without having to re-open dialog box.
Derived quantity l/nm now displayed to 2dp and range to nearest nm
Route waypoint editing - rubber banding now operates on isolated start or end waypoints (no others on screen)
Also will alter measure and other rubber banding line draws.

Sailing version
Added to sailing panel extra data options - GPS Lat/Lng, Cursor Lat/Lng and Hd/True

Released versions

6.324 8th Jan 2008
Changes to fishing version
Minor fixes and improvements

6.323 2nd Jan 2008
Sailing version - Changes to sailing panel
Plus version - Added PDA image generator
General - Updated seaPor help

6.321 21st Dec 2007
S57 cells/charts
Fixes and drawing speed improvement.
Inquire function fixed
Added 2 enquire functions.
Minor fixes and improvements

New features (for 2008 version product dongle's only (2.0) - upgrade available)
Yacht race results - added timed jpeg image updates
Sailing version - added sailing instrument panel

6.318 7th Nov Oct 2007
Fix for S57 installation: Detects missing data in some S57 cells - these are now allowed to install.
Fix Vista only: Menu option seaPro Charts->Colours could cause a problem if Vista fails to change themes or takes a long time. seaPro no longer waits for a system to complete this request..

6.317 2nd Nov Oct 2007
Fix when mixing Navionic charts and Livecharts or other chart types with non WGS84 datums
S57 When building folio - better handling when charts found with incorrect extents
Note: Only found on some JP prefix cells.

6.316 30th Oct 2007
Fix - Race results display screen capture dialog box is now removed.
Changes and extra data checking during S57 chart installation, detects badly formatted cell extents on some S57 cells.
(Cells are now rejected during the folio build)

6.313 8th Oct 2007
Fix for AIS Settings ->log New Vessel database
Fix for problem when pressing features on start up screen
Fix for Demo mode on exit

6.310 4th Oct 2007
Note: Changes for S57 chart users only
Fix and additional data checks for S57 data
Removal of S57 resource leak.

6.309 1st Oct 2007
Fix for using BBS V3.0 charts when run in the BSB folder (ok in if in BSB4 folder)
Fix for S57 charts when run in S52 display mode

6.308 20 Sept 2007
Removed possible problem when using menu Log-->View data log

6.307 20 Sept 2007
Added support for Windows 2000 (operating system doesn't support themes)

6.306 14 Sept 2007 Southampton Boat Show (UK)launch
General note:
Version later than 6.3 are now developed using the new (and improved!) Microsoft VS2005 development environment (including the latest versions of the C++ Microsoft runtime dll's). Amongst other things this gives improved code checking/quality, and the use of the new Microsoft runtimes give better comparability with Vista etc.

Main extra features added including
Support for Navionics Gold and Platinum charts (requires the optional Euronav/Navionics card reader)
As the navionics charts are copied to hard disk, the cartridges can also be used on other equipment (Just need to be inserted when starting seaPro). Multiple cartridges are supported.

Support for Weatherbox navtex unit
Updated seaPro and charting help
Navmap - raster chart format
Livecharts - Small depth font - on chart increased in size

PC Radar
Added MARPA ability to the PCRadar option (manually select targets, and the software will track a selected radar target)

Plus version and above - Enhanced multiple group filtering of AIS targets by MMSI number - show, hi light, colors etc
Standard added Enhanced single group filtering
Improved AIS export

Plus version - Filtering input by areas - connecting multiple AIS receivers, only the best AIS target will be plotted/recorded

Add ability to repeat ' move' waypoints (save having to reselect - right click rather than left on toolbar button)
Added improved graph of best departure time, show arrival time etc.

Improved playback/animation

DSC radio interface - show Mayday locations of chart, when connected to VHF DSC radio supporting the S+DSC NMEA 183 sentence

Many minor improvements


6.210 19th July 2007
AIS - Export Date/ time control for start/end fixed.
Reset AIS log - added confirmation dialog.

6.209 17th July 2007
Fix for enquire Livecharts area when using non- WGS84 charts in WGS84 datum mode.
Selection hi-light now located over actual area object rather than offset by datum shift.

6.208 12th July 2007
French translation changes only.

6.207 12th July 2007
Help files altered for Vista comparability (from.hlp format to html)

6.206 11th July 2007
Animation/playback - Fix for the interaction of the date/time controls, only play time is now updated to any change of start time.

6.205 7th July 2007
Corrected version number
Tidal calculations - Improved tidal diamond selection, better results for

6.204 5th July 2007
AIS display - change of how AIS targets without a valid position are displayed
If no heading information received, by default COG is used
If no COG or option to use COG is switched off in AIS setup ->Display, then display as a box.
and no vessel shape is displayed.

6.203 27th June 2007
PC Radar - fix for a possibility that when using a second monitor the PC radar dialog might not always maximize correctly
Minor internal changes to prevent user selecting multiple files in a selection dialog when only one file should be selected

.6.202 26th June 2007
Animation/playback - Added user selectable Vessel database (previous used current).
PC radar -Heading information will now detect magnetic heading in addition to true heading from the NMEA heading information. Priority of use is listed below (selection is done automatically)
True heading (Gyro)
True heading derived from Magnetic heading

6.201 25th June 2007
Fixed problem that might prevent playback in areas east or west of 90 longitude.
Fixed heading information in playback
Improved animation load time

6.200 22nd June 2007
Animation/ playback added code to enable correct start up in none GMT time zones

6.199 21st June 2007
ARPA radar changed method of track plotting to deal with large numbers of short lived targets.
MOB pop up dialog added showing brg and distance to MOB - triggered via NKE MOB NMEA interface or the manual MOB buttons on panel or top tool bar.
Added Manual log entry (text note)- position taken from Position fixer if available or manual position.

6.198 14th June 2007
Change of specification for NKE MOB function

6.197 12th June 2007
Fix for a number of controls of the playback dialog.
Files name selection corrected
Export of tracking log (AIS/Radar) - added vessel database in addition to position database

6.195 7th June 2007
Weather - Fix for incorrectly formatted GRIB data supplied by UGRIB.

Note: In general grib data problems are normally transient in nature and are corrected by the supplier in a later grib file. If problem continuous please contact your GRIB supplier.

6.194 5th June 2007
TCP/IP network input - input now on separate input thread - gives improved performance especially with high density bursts of data.
Professional version - Tracking using static radar position now being displayed

6.192 31st May 2007
Re-enabled AIS 'CPA display' and only display if 'CPA at risk' + other minor fixes

6.191 30th May 2007
Sailing version - fixes
Laylines not shown/hidden when toolbar button pressed
Race plan route not saving first wpt
Wind direction graphs not shown - added Geographic data graph
Historical graph dialogs which had 2 graphs - lower one was not drawn and needed a refresh of the window to get it to show

6.190 25th May 2007
Weather - GRIB file - improved interpolation between GRIB periods

6.189 21st May 2007
Weather - wind arrow information
Charting increased max number of S57 charts installable in a single selection to 10,000

6.188 17th May 2007
Sailing updates to weather routing
Variable time periods for manual weather.
Best results given if insufficient forecast available

6.185 15th May 2007
Weather routing added time span information of selected GRIB
Minor fixes to weather routing code.
Added 'partial' support for Italian language

6.184 12th May 2007
Fix for missing file in demo version
Possible exit when starting the demo

6.183 12th May 2007
Send waypoints - shows total sent
Languages - translation changes

6.182 11th May 2007
Sailing - Weather routing, added display of time on each tack plan view

6.181 10th May 2007
Many minor changes/fixes/additions including
Target market - Now outputs RMC/RMB etc.
Log re-draw with GRIB file display fixed
Sailing version
Weather routing
Improved calculations.
Manual wind information - time steps can be altered giving a larger time span or increased tome resolution.
Improved detection and re-ordering of badly formatted GRIB files (from some suppliers)
Reduced processing load for CPU
Improved CPU usage for PC Radar
Improved processing of TCP/IP data such as AIS data
New Animation/playback user interface, ability to load up required files for playback

6.177 2nd April 2007
Fix for Plan->Departure time ->Show Graph. Previously not showing the bar graph on first open

6.176 2nd April 2007
Sailing version only
Fix for laylines (on Standard route waypoints) not appearing unless sailing settings dialog box is opened.

6.175 29 March 2007
Updated help file
Add TCPA filter for CPA alarm (instead of separate CPA and TCPA)
Number of fixes and additions to the tidal atlas database (N.Europe)

6.174 27 March 2007
All versions
Change to CPA alarm - CPA and TCPA settings/alarms are now independent settings.
CPA is correctly display
Charting - Fix for saving chart mode settings.

6.173 23 March 2007
Multi-monitor chart window (standard and above) fixes:
Chart window not opening correctly
Saves status of full screen mode on exit
Chart navigation tool bar - now only operates on the Floating chart window.

6.172 22 March 2007
Change to auto-serial port detection for instruments
PC Radar - add option to change Heartbeat rate for slow PC's slow network connections
(koden.ini file HEARTBEATFACTOR = 2) Alter to HEARTBEATFACTOR = 1 for more frequent updates.

Note:If you have 6.171 - You only need to install if not detecting NMEA instruments or you have a Koden PC radar with a slow network connection/slow PC .

6.171 21 March 2007 (b)
Changes to PC Radar interface to support latest version of radar hardware
Fix for route/plan update
ARPA display on by default (AIS/ Radar menu)
Access to PC Radar on by default ( AIS/ Radar menu Radar settings -> PC Radar box)

6.167 16th March 2007

Implemented look up in database log for previous encountered vessels (shows name and other static data quicker if already encountered)
Sleeping target - distance and bearing now calculated
Added support for SAR aircraft and excluded from CPA/TCPA for calculations.(fast moving and not at sea level)
Improved support for ATN (aids to navigation)

Changes to improve comparability with Vista.
Changes to seaPro help file
Improved 'Auto scan' serial port detector - now faster detection of ports.

seaPro Lite and free
Possible handle leak fixed with route.
Fix for specialist version of lite

seaPro standard
Log settings available from log view.
New circular alarm for easier use.
Chart/Radar autocyle - (zoom out fixed)
Support for own vessel in TCP/IP networking (including data)
Grib - Added support for 500mb height data, changes to colors etc for improved display
Grib - Logs are now displayed under the GRIB overlay
Plan - estimated fuel usage box maintains state when re-starting

seaPro plus/pro
Server mode implemented in plus/pro only
New alarm zone system - easier to use .
AIS toolbar Enquire - separate buttons to select by nearest target or by nearest target track.

6.165 3rd March 2007
S57 chart installer updated
Livechart mark enquire - added support to see multiple items at same position by use of Prev/next buttons on information dialog (similar to area enquire)
Fix for GRIB and log display (log track not drawn if GRIB file being displayed)

6.164 19th Feb 2007
Added support fro Vista operating system included upgrade to security driver and toolbars, Vista Theme support etc.
Improved Autoscan for serial ports.

AIS - Target names updated form vessel database (if already encountered name is displayed without having to wait for static data reception)

seaPro 3000 Released Jan 2006 requiring Dongle version 1.9 v 6.05
New editions of lite, standard, performance sailing, plus and pro.
Major redesign including the user interface, addition of many new features including PCRadar, Dual frequency NAVTEX support, TCP/IP etc. (features depend on version)

Includes single install for all versions.























Archived versions (for dongle versions 1.8 and lower)

5.409 -B 14th Dec 2006
Added new additional cursors (dusk/night etc) missing from previous download.
(some installation will already have these)

5.409 4th Dec 2006
seaPro 2000 only
Fix for missing intro sound on startup.
GRIB file - weather map mode display fix for missing wind arrow

5.406 23rd Nov 2006
Plus version only - TCP/IP client socket close- more gentle close to prevent error at WSACONTABORTED at server on exit of program

5.405 22nd Nov 2006
Fix for occasional missing hi-light of selected mark in chart enquire
seaPro Plus and above - Fix for handling unexpected network TCP/IP errors

5.309 10th Oct 2006
For seaPro professional version only
Parallel indices now work independently of extended track line (COG and Hdg)
NMEA data diagnosis buffer size

5.307 5th Oct 2006
User interface fix - keyboard for chart installation type selection
AIS minor fix for bad/corrupted AIS data

5.305 21st Sept 2006
seaPro plus only - Fixed problem with some installations not showing alarm toolbar

5.304 12th Sept
AIS - support for new class B (transponder) message 24. Decodes static data received from class B transponders.
Improved decoding of class B message 18
Improved AIS simulator
Improved handling of bad AIS sentences

5.242 4th Aug 2006
Fix for measure toolbar display
ETA information boxes display correctly when zoomed out

5.238b 19th June 2006
Minor change to S57 folio build to show S57 charts if not ticked in folio dialog

5.238 17th June 2006
Features added/improved
More informative message serial port 'No 8250' message if no serial port found.
Added close down monitor option for a few computers that have a 'sticky' closedown.
(off by default).
Improved performance for NMEA monitor window
AIS - Added support for receiving Number of persons on board.
Note:This is usually sent as an addressed message so unlikely to be seen by AIS Receive only units
AIS (Transponder option only) Added ability to send number on board either once or at 6 minute intervals.
Note: most transponders do not send this message directly, and can only be sent from seaPro

5.236 23rd May 2006
Correction to missing icon marks in 5.235
seaPro - Changes to Weather routing to give improved results with GRIB files with larger time periods between forecasts.

5.235 22 May 2006

5.232 27th April 2006
Changes/fixes to Tidal curve
Display of clearance line
Color of water level to indicate drying or covered (with chart depth added)

5.230 15th April 2006
Minor change for network interface

5.228 11th April 2006
Toolbars - added support for very high resolution and wide aspect screens

Release 5.226 23 March 2006
Reverses minor change if 'Print to file' in print dialog box ticked- now correctly prints a formatted file suitable for sending to a printer (as per versions previous to 5.225) rather than printing the data as an ASCII text file.

Note: If you need to print to 'text output' file use a suitable printer driver such as a pdf printer.

Release 5.225 10 March 2006
Tidal curve display
Recommended update to tidal curve display.

AIS log export
Output positions are now in floating point decimal format

Release 5.224 9th Feb 2006
AIS - Fix for incorrect NMEA sentence lengths from NASA AIS engine( prevents reception of static vessel data)
Added - switch to allow over length NMEA VDM sentences. Additional tick box added in AIS-Tools Display. The Default is to allow incorrect sentences.

Minor change to AIS log New database dialog.

Release 5.223 5th Feb 2006
seaPro - Added mulitple filter list for AIS log export & extra comma delimiter for Name /AIS

Release 5.212 23rd Jan 2006
Update chart help file (tides)
Fix for tidal height curve display not always picking up a new time zone value when selected using port from chart - (only effects version with the new style tidal curve display)

Release 5.219 Jan 2006
seaPro - changes to serial interface to improve installation of ports

Release 5.216 6 Dec 2005

Route plan (French language only) - shows all required legs ( other languages are not effected)

Release 5.214 10th Nov 2005

seaPro only
Grib files
- allow GRIB files with some incorrectly formatted or missing data to be displayed
(now shown as and empty or zero field)

Release 5.213 Oct 26th 2005

Export for AIS database (duplicate targets).
Multiple enquire on chart.

AIS log 'New' option - default name is now based on the date and time
AIS log configuration page - Now shows the size of the current position log in KBytes

Release 5.212 Oct 4th 2005
All products
Livechart encoded S57 - improved display of land 518 objects (land as a symbol)
Unlock - Support for higher compression of chart data in distribution. Charts are combined with additional text files etc in a single file rather than in an AUXS folder on distribution CD/DVD

seaPro (Std/plus/pro)
Option to save/restore user settings

Release 5.211 Beta Sept 01 2005
Route import - now automatically detects different formats in the comma delimited file (CSV)
Geos format
Lat,Lng, text description eg 50 30.50N 1 0.0E or 50 30' 30"N 1 0.0 0"E
Lng,Lat, text description
and for decimal positions
Lat,Lng,text description eg 50.5,1.0

Add import of Maptech offshore Navigator route 'export' files
Updated help

Release 5.210 (download only) 19th August 2005
Added Save and restore user settings, to allow user settings to be easily restored in the event of a computer problem or if changing computer.

Release 5.209 28 July 2005

Now available with all Livecharts charts on a single DVD - separate program and chart CD's are still available for older PC's.

Release 5.2 beta

5.209 22 July 2005

Added recovery support for hibernation and suspend power modes
Note: Functionality depends on specific PC capability, software drivers etc. Other hardware and drivers (such as USB to serial converters) may or may not restore correctly ( applies to lite).

Changes to NMEA decode GLL/RMC NMEA 183 for support of differential flags
NMEA monitor window now sizeable
Added altitude antenna value (GPS height) to instrument overview window


5.207 July 1st 2005
Log - Fix for running log -display rate
Added Filter option for list - Do not Show text box
AIS Text messages - warnings options to have
Pop up/Add to alarm list (no audio alarm)/ No warning
Messages still added to normal displays etc.
'Ignore' option is designed for Receive only unit (AI3000 or NASA engine)
AIS targets info box - options to reduce clutter (in display tab of AIS setting menu)
Added options
Only show if at risk CPA
Don't show sleeping vessels

5.206 June 30th 2005

Sailing version
Fix for downwind layline in none tidal waters
Tactick wireless instrument support - altered to reduce loading on wireless system
Now supports
Page 1 % Performance of vessel against target speed from polar
Page 2 Target speed from polar
Page 3 Distance to Layline
Page 4 Distance to start line (in meters or km if >1000m)

Sailing version
Improved Geographical wind calculations, uses True/ Mag/COG heading depending on availability.
Race plan
Altered Active Wpt to start waypoint at 0 to be the same as normal route and displayed number on leg end.

5.204 Beta only

Changes to AIS for support of CPA/TCPA on low cost NASA AIS engines
Note 1: Due to the NASA AIS engine being a single channel receiver (multiplexed) less reliance on CPA should be given. There may also be a significant delay in receiving ships static data compared to a true twin channel receiver (AI3000) or a full AIS transceiver, this may result in a target vessel's static data (MMSI,Name, call sign) not being available as quickly.

Note 2: Never rely on AIS information (from any source) as a sole indicator of a potential collision or non-risk etc.

Added support for 'Risk' AIS targets to trigger seaPro on first risk collision.

Important : Some vessel do not always transmit correct data, this may result in a vessel appearing safe when in fact a collision risk exists.

Users also need to be aware of double ended vessels such as ferries, these may appear to be pointing in the opposite direction from which they are actually moving. CPA may indicate a risk (correctly) when visually this may not appear to be the case. (CPA uses COG rather than heading).

Fix for an occasional problem in Chart Settings ->Mode.
When changing chart folder settings (and not viewing the modal page first ), modal settings could be lost .

5.203 Beta only
Minor changes inc improved AIS code

Added colored light sectors to some Livechart Charts that did not display previously due to light range.

AIS - Added functionally for CPA including
Calculating when no COG/SOG available
Added TCPA alarms + audio/system alarm option on CPA/TCPA

Release 5.102
Catalogue viewer - support for Livechart version 4 charts
Charting - <50/50m show contour settings fix to work with both Livechart 4 and older versions

Release 5.1 (restricted)
Support for Livechart version 4

Release 5.008 Beta release

Added Circular Alarm zones for AIS targets (plus and above only)
Checks on position and ETA into zone

Added Anchor Alarm zones (plus and above only)

Magnetic Variation - new almanac for years 2005-2010
MagVar calculations now use nearest day rather than year
(improved accuracy, but may differ slightly from less accurate manual methods)

Release 5.007 Beta release
Changes to support ANSI fonts in Livecharts (Norwegian cells etc)

Release 5.006
Major new release
Including support for new Livechart format supporting National packs
Dual monitor display support


Release 4.4047
Add comparability with Windows 98(SE) and,ME in addition to XP/2000/2003
Known to work with 98 (first edition) but no official support available for this operating system
Previous version that supported 98/ME was version 4.2x

Release v4.4044

Fix for Boatlaunch data display and gxf reader (from 4.4037)

Plus version
Add detection of loss of TCP/IP connection - with automatic re-try

Release v4.4037

Minor fixes and text changes

Added time user interface to alter time out period for GPS and other data
Plus version
Added 're-try log on forever' for raw Network interface
Added re-send filter for raw network filter

Release v4.4028

Added some fix's for windows XP service pack 2 (please see other info on dealing with service pack 2 issues)

Plus version
Added ability to send and receive over TCP/IP as a client or server
Added ability to selectively alter received data over TCP/IP is re-sent to other seaPro users

Release v4.405 15/09/2004

Added ability to set time to loss of target
Added auto cancel option for lost targets

Minor change to numbering to show next release
Less intrusive warning if 'improved' OS36 datum dll/data missing
(only occurs if conversion occurs
Change to NMEA 183 BWR/BWC sentences can only output 0-359.9 degrees

Beta release

V4.233 (01/09/2004)
Add import for routes and waypoints
Updated help


V4.32 (21/08/2004)
Log playback /animation
Added slider time line control
Improved update rate
Help updated

ARPA Radar added (ver 4.231) (20/08/2004)
Target status now displayed after track id (if sent from radar)

(Q) Query - target i in the process of acquisition
(L) Lost target - will disappear after approximately 30seconds after ARPA system cancels target.

Tracked targets are displayed without the extra tag.

AIS added (ver 4.230) (17/08/2004)
Support for animated playback of logs
Added Accept target and add user Track ID or user information (plus and above)
Added print out of AIS log files

Removed a number of issues introduced in last two beta versions

Animation log/playback
Support for normal log and AIS log - selects earliest and latest times from both logs
New user interface.

Key function toolbar
Modified default layout so that F11 function key centralizes cursor on the screen + added visual cursor position indicator. TCP/IP raw data interfaces
Add support for clients to act as data senders (no fixed TCP/IP required for sending devices such as wireless phones and GRPS /G3 systems) and for servers to act as data receivers

NMEA output rates
Introduced controlled output rate irrespective if system speed settings.
Solves problem with some NMEA listeners (autopilots) being swamped with data and not responding.Note: If you have used previous beta version and altered the TX rate, you should reset the TX interval rate to 1 to 3 seconds to prevent time out or sluggish autopilot response.
(Setup ->Nav Properties TX tab)

Corrected OS36 datum/Grid modes to work with WGS84 S57 charts
added support for the optional OS high accuracy conversion dll.
Selecting OS36 datum input for marks add/edit now uses Grid display rather than geodetic (lat lng) - Display layout changes to reflect Grid input rather that lat and lng. Once in OS36 grid mode, changing datum is locked out until user exits the input box (to maintain accuracy)



Beta release

Supports MS Windows 98/98se/ME/2000/2003/XP/Home/Pro
This version no longer supports 95/NT 4

Serial port setup - improved layout and warning if incorrect Baud rate set for AIS
Added Serial port availability information
APB sentence modified to transmit fixer status

AIS Added functionality for CPA - hi-light option for vessels that might approach within a set user set radius. Option to switch off non-critical CPA display (green CPA lines)
AIS CPA now in seaPro standard and above
AIS now available seaPro standard and above

Added option not to show ARCS world view chart 4000
ARCS – added NTM number to info display
BSB/BSB4 Improved Zoom warnings on title bar
Select chart dialog - ability to incorrectly have more than 1 displayed removed
GXF format Mark ->ICON now supports HTML and standard and zoomed out icon
Database/GXF format support for Boat launch and other pilot style products (future)
using HTML browser added to support above (requires IE 5.5 or better to be installed)




17 June 2004



Beta release
AIS Removed restriction of 100,000 records in position database
AIS Added Filter list allowing selected vessels to be be place in a list to allow
1. Hi-lighting of vessel if in list
2. Only displaying info box if in list
3. Not displaying vessel Icon if not in list (plus version only)
Filter list is managed in the AIS config property page and vessels can be added or deleted using the AIS enquire button (option to add or delete as appropriate)

4.211 22nd March 2004

Beta release
Minor fix for log and target marker flags not appearing

Beta release
AIS adds option to display targets at true scale (icon also shown
AIS log - with a lot of data logged say over 7 hours period (could be 400,00 or more position reports) , system can slow down. Improved filtering to allow only user specified 'last number of hours' to be displayed more efficiently.

3D - added initial 3D support for 3D overlays - plus version only and set in the chart->settings Database tab.



20 march 2004

17 March 2004

  Beta release
Add display of overlays in 3D
Added prevention of occasional excessive build of NMEA sentences in NMEA monitor window on some systems.
4.208 March 2004

Beta release

Fixed occasional reversal of left/right pan keys (default keyboard)
Fixed x-dateline BSB chart
Altered system Tick time option to 10,50,100,200ms (from 1,10,100,300) default is 50
Added some French translations

Beta Bug Fixes to BSB4 image processing




12 Feb 2004

Beta release
Added image processing for display of raster chart formats (ARCS, BSB, PCX)- gives greatly improved display of the chart image when zoomed out beyond 1:1.

Note this does require extra processing by the computer so the charts may display slightly slower - option can be switched off in Chart->Settings Cartography 2

Added support for new Maptech BSB 4.0 format and also the older Maptech formats such as PCX format (depends on version)

Added display of dist and bearing display option for each target

Pro version - updated radar logging with new dialogs etc.


4.2 Feb 2004

Full Commercial Release on CD ROM 4.15
Minor fixes charting
ARCS charts
Added better check on incorrect update warning for ARCS
Any missing ARCS chart text files dealt with more gracefully (demo version)
Demo versions - Added sample S57 charts and Livecharts for US waters

4.108 23 Oct 2003

TackTick NMEA fix to prevent Tx of empty sentences (Performance sailing only) + User interface fix for same.
In Help->About dialog - ARCS now displays ARCS permit/Pin number even if no licence installed

4.107 6 Oct 2003
  Fixed decode for Primar/IC-ENC charts encoded S57 charts (not installed)
Fixed route lines when used on ARCS charts and distance between waypoints outside calibration range of ARCS chart in view
4.106 30 Sept 2003
  AIS with ARCS charts, fixed occasional problem of target objects appearing top left corner when outside chart area.
Fix for zoom on BA4004
Other minor fixes and cosmetic changes
4.105 20 Sept 2003

Toolbar icons for
Information - new facility for database enquiries (added in 4.02830)
Add RX AIS to all version (if full AIS is not purchased)

Fixed icon for radar in German lang
Fixed route append
Added redraw of display for reverse route
Support for long lines of text in add on data enquire (Boatlaunch data)
Fixes for some 3D user interface and ini files
Software now only supports 1.6 or above dongle's - CD version has a roll back to previous version if required
Translations changes

Minor fixes,changes


4.1002 11 Sept 2003

Improved damping on ROT calculated values

Add support for fuel calculation in all versions (not lite), with option to select Power or sailing vessel on first using seaPro. If power selected sailing features are not shown.

Removed support for Reeds Digital Almanac (not been produced for a number of years) and replaced with support for third party 'add in' databases such as Boatlaunch's Marine and Slipway data base (Found in chart menu).

Improved conversion of Livechart 2D data to 3D removing some 'square area' artifacts in areas of low data sampling.


4.02830 5 Sept 2003
  Fix for S57 charts - Norway
Charting help updated (not in download)
Minor cosmetic dialog changes
4.0287 29Aug2003

Adding waypoints
From chart display - now repeats entry selection till right mouse cancel

RMB/RMC output sentence -support for Mode indicator

Passage plan view - re-size window control s position correctly

Tacktick - instuments
Support added for special display mode.
Support for __ talker ID as II instument data (prevention of position howl round)

Windows 95/98/ display problem resolved for vessel icons
Improved AIS target icons - only partially filled for better chart visibility
Target icons change intensity with color settings (Day, dusk night etc)

Help - seaPro help updated

NMEA interface
Removed re-send of Rx NMEA sentences
Added output from database values for
VHW - Water speed and heading
MWV - Wind speed and direction, alternates between Real and Apparent
VLW - Distance traveled through water (not Ground)
TOB - Battery voltage
MTA - Air temperature C
MTW - Water temperature
DBT - Depth below transducer (for comparability with older systems)
DPT - Depth below transducer with transducer offsets (alternates between keel and water line
On/Off can be set in Setup->Nmea->TX

Added Depth transducers offset to keel and water line settings to Own vessel setup page

Depth value saved is now depth from water line. Calculated using transducer position.
To use as previous version, leave transducer offsets at 0.
Depth values displayed on panel and instrument overviews are depth below keel.

added depth value to main Navigator panel - always visible on panel
New panel configuration dialog

New settings dialog box
Added AIS on/off control

Night color
Settings changes to give better contrast for text





4.02826 26Aug2003
  Grib files
Fix for grib file format
4.02822 7 Aug 2003

3D changes - minor fixes
Profile mode - depth text + added variable number of decimal place dependent on depth
Profile mode - flick back to bridge mode from profile mode
Profile mode - re-adjusts for depth/height stretch
AIS vessel not being seen from within a bridge view

4.02821 6 Aug 2003
  AIS changes
TCP/IP better warnings and info messages
3D profile display added
Minor fixes
4.02820 5 Aug 2003
  AIS changes - Help updated
Added own vessel predictive track option
General help modified to reflect previous changes
4.02818 29July2003

Added support for own vessel VDO sentence - For use with the pilot port when no direct nav info is available. Use AIS setup - general tab then own vessel section as required (set Use own vessel report).

Added ROT and HDT to main nav panel display
Option to calculate own vessel ROT if not available via NMEA input (default is off)
Set in Setup Nav Properties RX

NMEA -added transmit ROT sentence (calculated or received)
Increased frequency of sending GGA,GLL,VTG,HDT,ROT Transmit sentences to not less than 1 second.
4.02817 28July2003
  AIS changes
3D changes
ARCS 1:1 mode allows zooming out to next smallest scale chart
RYA instructors version (special)
4.02815 23July2003
Prevent invalid position tracks (due to lost GPS position being plotted)
Minor text changes to toolbar Simulator
Prevented changing start point of simulation turning on simulator for short period

Performance sailing
Fixed problem with planning a race route with simulator on
4.0287 10 July 2003

Changes to AIS
Minor change to prevent vessels without valid positions being plotted (previously appeared at end of world chart.
Added support for viewing previous safety related messages
Other minor changes

Restoring of AIS tracks between sessions (target needs to be available)
Messages - improved handling including acknowledgments of receipts
Improved user interfaces
Help updated to reflected changes





9 July 2002

8 July 2003



Changes and Improvements to AIS including
Predictive turns of AIS targets (curved extended track lines)
Text and SRM (Safety Related messages)

Add User Function tool bar - Setup->User Interface and enable - Restart seaPro
Can then be toggled on and off with F! key. Allows access to functions using the' F' keys on the keyboard - Bar is user programmable via the ini file.

Minor text/labeling changes

Note : Help does not reflect these changes
4.026 4 July 2003

Changes and Improvements to AIS
Including predicted track based on ROT etc.
Numerous minor changes to AIS and AIS 3d

Added user toolbar (hit F1 to view)
Changes to 3D

Changes to color palette

4.022 26 June

Changes to AIS Network TCP/IP interface
Pop up warnings and information, time outs on clients connecting to servers
Detection and warning of multiple logons from same TCP/IP address such as a shared internet connection.
Addition of log on button to reset client log on manually.
Clients can try up to 12 times to logon to a server (about 60seconds) before a manual re-try is required.

Added filtering for size of vessel.
Partial filtering of vessel list

General Fixes
Running out of texture IDs' Fixed
Low text on AIS vessels Fixed
Blackened AIS vessels Fixed
Portsmouth triangle effect on turning off Sim with own vessel Fixed

AIS -3D support added - now can be switched on/off in 3D
Added AIS information to target
Distance marker - fixed (Thames)

4.020 18Jun2003

Modification to GRIB decoding to add extra error checking /corrections
Changes to AIS
Restore of Charting toolbar improved
S57 minor change for US 57 data comparability
3D changes and fixes
Update of seaPro help - AIS/Serial ports/Vessel information

4.018 11Jun2003

Plus/Pro only
Added four 'Arm' extensions to vessel shape for positioning - set in Vessel dialog box
Added TCP/IP Server/ Client interface for AIS and raw NMEA data. Works over local area network or across internet (fixed TCP/IP address required for server). Set up via Setup->Network->Raw NMEA Updated help to follow.

To receive data from a remote server add clients (top section
Occasional test server can be found at on Port 4002 (set in client settings)..
To act as a server (fixed IP address required), enter Server port and use default server ip (tick Auto IP address. You may need to set up router re-direction etc so that clients can find the server on your local network.
General improvement in code and functionality.

Changes made to code to improve reliability. still a -beta version. Beta version mid-June

Added own vessel outline in addition to standard IHO style (in vessel dialog box)

4.015 4 Jun 2003
  Fix for biz decode (small files)
3D fix for seeing causing semi-transparent terrain and flickering sky with text display
AIS fixes various - still has some test code so will might hear diagnostic beeps - next release for AIS within a few days.
4.013 16 May 03

Added decode of NMEA 183 ROT sentence + of Rate of Turn (ROT) for own vessel

AIS (option)
Changes to AIS re-arrange of dialog box and user interface to make easier for change of Voyage information, single click for destination etc
Fixed number of problems with interfacing to transceiver

S57 (plus/pro and or standard as option)
No changes

3D (option)
Changes to AIS code interface
4.012 12 May 03
  Fix for loss of target marker/log icons on a re-draw
Improved AIS
Addition of ROT for Instruments
Serial port settings - re-designed for easier selection of AIS/navtex/RX/TX channels
Each serial port can be set to its own speed directly, rather than editing in files
4.011 5may/2003

Fix missing help
Improved selection of cells
Improved speed of read

AIS - new updated version

NMEA - added autopilot support timing for BWC
Fix for ARCS chart installation
Depending on the update level of the ARCS chart it might not be installed
(from approximately 3.84 upwards - Nov 2002 with NZ Mariner support)
Improvements to display of S57 data
Dredged/Maintained areas - minimum depth added
Track bearings better display positioning
Fixed occasional bug when drawing due to background draw

3D option
Fixed Missing tidal data warning could lock display in 3D mode
Basic support for displaying S57 charts in 3D

3.906 Jan 13/2003
  Following fixed
Problem if overlay (plus and pro) 'scissor cut' was attempted on an empty overlay (no objects)
Tidal enquire (manual or automatically from 3D etc) if no appropriate High Water file selected or no HW time found.

Added features
Reduced use of processor time option - Lower power consumption for laptop use
(on by default)


Important changes
Following options
UAIS (Automatic Identification System)
S57 chart support

All now require upgrade unlock codes - Previous beta test ini files will not work with this release.
Please contact Euronav to purchase a full upgrade or to obtain your unlock codes if you have already purchased these options.

Release version on CD
S57 now available as an option in in seaPro standard
Universal Automatic Identification System (UAIS) option available using
UAIS NMEA 183 sentences to interface with AIS Transponder.

S57, UAIS and 3D upgrades can now be done with unlock codes

New seaPro manual (in documentation folder of CD)
Holding down the Esc key will cancel an unwanted sequence of chart re-draws
(usually created by holding down a zoom key).
S57 charts
Improved draw time in S57 chart display (option)
Support for non-standard use of local character sets
US zipped S57 format now correctly installs, care required to avoid converting catalogue
Improved performance when viewing S57 charts encoded as Livecharts
Removal of some cartographic filled objects to improve chart clarity

Racing version
Inclusion of last and first waypoints when saving a weather route to a normal route
Any size of saved weather route can now be viewed (previous limit of 5,000 characters removed)

3.904 Jan 1/2003
  S57 charts
Improved draw time in S57 chart display (option)
Support for non-standard use of local character sets
US zipped S57 format now correctly installs, care required to avoid converting catalogue
Improved performance when viewing S57 charts encoded as Livecharts
Removal of some cartographic filled objects to improve chart clarity

Racing version
Inclusion of last and first waypoints when saving a weather route to a normal route
Any size of saved weather route can now be viewed (previous limit of 5,000 characters removed)

3.845 Dec 2/2002
  S57 support option
Full support for both encoded and non-encoded charts including
the US zipped version allowing downloading without having to unzip individual s57 charts.
Added auto mosaic mode to allow intelligent automatic tiling of chart to cover a larger area.
Added ability to display colored icons, and reduce the size of text (depths) for improved chart clarity.
Improved color schemes including Livecharts being displayed in near S57 colors.
Minor bug fixes and improvements
Support for NZ Mariner charts (HCRF raster format covering New Zealand)
Improved support for cross-dateline operations
  Minor fix - when exiting seaPro without having saved any open GXF overlay files, may cause an exception
3.824 Oct 15/2002
  Added chanta.dll to installation for web upgrade install for versions less than 3.817.
Prevents an exception on start up with some upgrades from 3.502 onwards
Flashing lights now retain previous state when starting up seaPro .
3.822 Oct 7/2002
  Removed problem on exiting seaPro on some PC's systems
Improved NMEA 183 performance on a separate thread, giving smoother user response
when heavily loaded with NMEA data
3.822 Oct 4/2002
  Pre-volume press version-2
Added + changes to seapro help
Improved speed on low speed computers (Plan ETA now only updates every 10 seconds)
Added Route menu options Start (Nav) to make route active
Added Route menu options Stop (Nav) to make route in-active
Added ability to switch off detection of wpt reached by change of angle
Added NMEA 183 WPL output sentence for current t waypoint (on route)
Help Readme file now shows the htm Readme file (needs Windows Explorer)
3.809 Sep 19/2002
  Pre-volume press version.
S57 support is now by request only
General changes to icons and branding
3.808 Sep 10/2002
Support for Primar encoded data.
Note not all charts may function correctly due to differing S57 specs
Known S57 data problems problems
All Swedish data
Norwegian Cell In Oslo fjord NO5G0921
Setup Nav ->RX
NMEA 183 - support of VWT ( True Wind speed/angle) for compatibility
with older instruments (current systems should use MWV).
Added switch to switch ON/Off calculation of True from Apparent/ Apparent from True
if data is not received within 30seconds.
NMEA 183 added ability to switch off Position sentences from NMEA senders (talkers)
with the id of II - used to prevent position 'howl round' due to Integrated instruments re-sending position data
sent from seaPro.
Improved log import function - so as to be less sensitive to the placing of spaces in a text file
+- Keys zoom in out for compatibility with users migrating from competitive systems
3.800 Aug 29/2002
Added Route Close - in route menu, closes current route.
Added Log reset - in log menu, resets the current log by clearing out all the entries
- useful for repetitive trips such as a ferry
Both of the above require confirmation of action.           
Improved calculation of metrics from log data
Max speed, Average speed, Total distance of log - shown in view log Added option to view (table format) data log and track log(new)
Values of COG/SOG in track log are calculated from positions
Speech - improved time sharing of resource so that all sentences get spoken
New chant dll for speech removing some problems on older system Fixes Setup ->Nav menu bug reported in some versions of Windows 95,98,ME but not in 2000/XP
Caused exception (occasionally) when opening the menu option
Added better support for un-encoded S57 charts

Note Support for Primar S57 encoded charts has been removed due to an encoding compatibility problem
Support will be re-introduced at a later date

Improved weather GRIB file display when data stretches across the dateline
Added support for B&G Hydra/Hercules Instruments for calculating tidal
Drift and Set
Decreased the default values in Racing wizard for shorter minimum tack and waypoint distance,
  Functional changes
Added support for S57 charts in all versions of seaPro 2000
Added support for S57 charts (restricted) in seaPro lite
Minor cosmetic changes
Added Tide drift and set NMEA output sentence VDR
Special Silva Drift and sentence now working.
  Functional changes
Sailing Weather wizard
Added easier to use time defaults when starting the weather sailing wizard and
swapping between using a GRIB weather file and manual entry.
Export route from sail plan now functional
Swapping between point to point, and route mode clearer to use
Sailing displays (performance sailing)
Time and distance to layline now displays the nearest layline from:
Start line
Target marker (great for quick changes of tatics !)
NMEA output - Silva instruments
Support for the SILCD1 - Time to lay line restored
  Functional changes
Added print to view installed chart list
Weather wizard
Now retains settings for tack time, cone angle etc between uses
Added display of date and time for weather plan on chart and dialog box

Multiple legged plans are now calculated completely rather than at time of first leg
For windows 98 only
Microsoft bug in graphics is now automatically detected and alternative code used.
This is a Microsoft acknowledged problem that causes a severe resource leak in Windows 98.

This may have resulted in a number of effects including loss of chart display.
Note: This only effects the beta 3.7 releases

  Functional changes
Add real time update for ETA to each waypoint on a route (Setup->Nav Properties Display Tab)
Requires that the route has been calculated and valid position and SOG is available.
Improved S57 installation wizard
S57 to SENC converter added ability to deal with some S57 charts containing unexpected data
Sailing route Wizard functionality now works in other languages besides English.
Furuno Send route to GPS - Modified to send the the Ctrl E after the route sentences.
TX RMC sentence (added 3.702) - Year date now sent correctly as 02.

Fixed - Some Livechart S57 v2 charts may show misplaced colored light sectors Arcs when rotated (Norwegian Oslofjord area).

  Functional changes
Fixed - Some Livechart S57 v2 charts may show misplaced colored light sectors Arcs when rotated (Norwegian Oslofjord area).
  Functional changes
Race plan – added button to alter the Arrival wpt circle for the race plan.
Added ability to switch off bearing calculations for considering if waypoint reached in race route.
Known problems
Some Livechart S57 v2 charts may show misplaced colored light sectors Arcs when rotated (Norwegian Oslofjord area).
  Functional changes

Note: Some changes are only available if you have actually purchased version 3.5 or an upgrade to it (dongle upgrade version 1.5).
Please see the seaPro help for further information once installed

NMEA output sentences
Added RMC
Added True and magnetic info to BWR
Sail planning wizard
Improved calculation speed of plan
Added calculation for current route (multiple legs)
Added support for Race route (Performance sailing version)
Performance sailing version only
Added Race plan – replaces the Start /finish line button:
Gives a single control panel for race planning
Start/finish line with committee boat position
Special Race route entry (in addition to normal route)
Port/starboard rounding indicators
Start line bias
Added chart rotation
North up (normal)
Head up
Route up
Provisional for support of S57 charts
Note this may not be available in final version of your particular version.

  Added some missing .dll files required by some software versions
Grayed out items not available in this release.
  Support for ARCS charts if dongle number is greater than 10,000
Fix for occasionally ARCS error can't load – (navigator service).
  Added new Help files for charts and seaPro 2000
Added tidal data for Year 2002
Added upgraded capability for earlier versions
Pre-view of the Livechart digital charts when using the catalogue mode
Added Features
Chart catalog for Livecharts now has the feature of allowing you to pre-view the chart (CDROM needs to be in the drive)
Added extra setting features and support for the Navtex option
Fixed problem in not indicating which TX serial port was set in serial port settings (problem in 3.40x only)
Many minor changes
Plus/Pro -Fixed non-display of Fuel graphs (problem in 3.40x only)

When calculating a tidal plan in non-tidal waters, tidal performance indication now shows zero.
Change to tidal calculation algorithm to improve performance under certain tidal conditions.
  GRIB files
Better handling of corrupt GRIB files
Performance sailing version only
Improved data collection for building pillars
BSB charts
Improved handling of Norwegian and some other BSB charts
Support for Navtex module (optional extra)
  Modified chart colors to work correctly with Windows 2000 3.304  
  Creating new Routes - Fixed filename extension introduced on change to long route names. 3.303  
  Minor fixes
Added fix for calculation of TTG (time to go) for route and Target marker for periods greater than 24 hours.
Fix for measure changing to meters (French version only) after using Chart settings.
Chart catalog – change of icon change in dialog box.
Change to install script to ensure route and log default paths are set to Route.
Waypoints menu – select and open fix to open files with .wpt extension
 Performance Sailing version
Change to damping control
Fix to re-open sailing toolbar
  Internal code changes only and release candidate 2 3.301  
  Change to install script to ensure route and log default paths are set to Route.
Installer file name has not changed. If you have already downloaded 3.219 no need to download new version.
Just check that your route path is correctly set up From menu Setup->System Properties and make sure route path is set to Route
SeaPro 2000 Changes from 3.218 to 3.219 (beta) Use of long file names for routes, logs and waypoints
Support for altering the damping values of wind instruments in sailing performance version
Fixed problem when exiting program after changing chart colors.

Fixed very rare installation problem for ARCS installation, for new charts (no NTM’s) when only on update disk and with an update number greater than 10.
Removed support for DEM’s (3.216) - not part of standard product
Internal changes to Livechart drawing for compatibility with later DEM rendering (for testing in beta version code)
Fix for a problem introduced in beta version 3.216 effecting BSB charts
Please note – this release is issued is a fix for this, there are also other changes that are part of on-going work, these are not believed to have any significance. This is a Beta version !

  Added support for Euronav Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data.
Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data helps the charting system display the chart/map by showing relief rendering. Mountains and high ground appear to project out of the chart, valleys appear to go into the map. 

When relief rendering is switched on, the measure tool bar will display the estimated height below the cursor.
The height is displayed is the DEM height and not the height and NOT the depth indicated on the original chart.
Support for DEM relief rendering is switched on using the Chart->settings property sheet Tab Cartography 2. Relief rendering only works when the chart datum is set to WGS84.
 Sea areas can also be rendered using data from the DEM. When using sea DEM data it the effect can be better seen if the normal depth contours are switched off.
Note: Relief rendering only works with Livechart vector charts.
WARNING: You should not have DEM switched on when using the chart for navigational purposes.
To see the charts in relief you will need to purchase the appropriate Euronav DEM data.
A sample DEM file may be placed on this page in the near future
GRIB display – better rejection of corrupted GRIB data files

  Correct implementation of support for Silva and NKE sentences in advanced sailing/Club racing version only 3.215  
  Plus/pro versions only – network TCP/IP interface (slave seaPro 2000)
Modification to the client so as to correctly work with network blocking errors – prevents multiple signing on to server (and subsequent reset by server).
   When receiving a waypoint through the target marker flag NMEA 183 input channel. (Typically from a radar or MOB button) the position can be recorded into the log. Select WPL (does not work for other received sentences), the position will only be updated when the position changes, making it suitable for senders that continuously output a position and single position systems (such as an MOB button on a radar).
Added support for NKE and Silva instruments in non-English versions
  Added support for French, German, Norwegian and Spanish languages.
Removed potential feature conflicts between standard and enhanced sailing versions
Improved support for systems using serial COM port 2
  Non Fishing versions
 1. GRIB Weather files
The support for weather GRIB files has been increased to allow display of the following parameters (provided they are in the GRIB file being used)
2. Voice (speech) output – English version only
 seaPro 2000 now has a synthesized voice output for keeping you informed of your progress or for racing information (racing version only). Before using this facility you need to ensure that you have a voice synthesizer installed. You may have to install this depending on your operating system. Microsoft ME usually comes with this installed, or if using a different operating system you will need to install a voice synthesizer.
Installing the MS speech synthesizer
The installation files can be found in the MSspeech folder of your seaPro installation.
1. Install the synthesizer by double clicking on the TV_EnuA.Exe file – follow the instructions.
2. Install the speech control panel by double clicking on the SpchCpl.Exe – follow the instructions.

Setting up seaPro 2000 to use voice output
Start seaPro 2000 and select the Setup menu. Choose Speech option

3. Plotting positions from a remote vessel using a modem/tracking your vessel remotely
You are advised not to use seaPro 2000 for navigation when seaPro 2000 is connected to an external communications device (phone) as your position may becoming from a remote source.
This option will allow you to send information from your seaPro 2000 to a remote computer or to receive information from a remote computer using a simple modem connection.
 Note: If you wish to send position information over a TCP/IP network (local or internet) between two copies of seaPro 2000, then this is available using seaPro 2000 plus
 Typical use would be to dial up a security system/mobile phone that is connected to a GPS on your boat, to check the boats location or to allow someone to see the location of your boat when sailing etc. The systems support all the NMEA 183 sentences that can be sent or received by seaPro.
 From the Setup menu select ‘ Modem dial and connect’

4. Racing version
 Added support for specialist displays:
Support for Silva instrument displays (Racing version)
 seaPro 2000 supports special sentences for interfacing to the large display Silva instruments.
 From the setting menu select Nav properties and then the TX tab. Select the Silva output option.
Support for NKE instrument displays (Racing version)
As per for Silva but select the NKE option.


Copyright Euronav 1991-2003